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So, i installed the retail FS2 and Open FS2, whichever i try to run, the cinematics work perfectly and than when i get into the login screen, it works for about 3 seconds and than it just freezes for 5 secs, than normally 3 secs again.... It cant be that my pc isnt strong enough to run it, so i really dont know whats causing it, any ideas?



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System specs?  Are you using the latest video and chipset drivers?  What version of FS2_Open are you running?  Try the latest 3.6.10 from the Knightly builds forum.
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I got 3.5.6 version or smth like that. Ill try that 1. System specs... Dual core 2x 2.61, ATI Radeon 2600 xt. 2gb ram....  got latest drivers.


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3.5.6 is more than 5 years old so I suspect that's not what you have. :)

The stop then start problem could have several causes but a likely one for 3.6.9 builds is a processor affinity issue. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and then find the FS2_Open process on the process tab. Right click on it and set affinity to just one of your CPUs. If that solves the problem I suggest upgrading to one of the 3.6.10 builds from the nightly forum.
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