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Multiplayer Command System
I use to be a big multiplayer fan back durring PXO, and ever since I started playing, I always thought it would be nice to have some sort of command system. For example, lets say you Host a game late at night, nobodys online, and you need to goto the bathroom, instead of worrying if someone will join and then leave, you simply type in /away "BRB IN A SEC BATHROOM BREAK"
someone joins and says something, your computer auto responds BRB IN A SEC BATHROOM BREAK. And then to disable it you type in /-away

/{command name} enables the feature
/- {command name} disables the feature
/away /-away

command type requests:
Away Message
Table disabler (Disables any tables, and resorts to tables in Root_FS2.vp)
AI auto jump (for team vs team, host only)

If you have any other command ideas, post em...


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Re: Multiplayer Command System
that is a great idea   seriously
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Re: Multiplayer Command System
Disabling tables simply isn't going to happen. The auto-reply might be possible though.
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Re: Multiplayer Command System
you simply type in /away "BRB IN A SEC BATHROOM BREAK"
Hmm.. maybe with a down-counting timer?
/away5 "BRB, CIGGIE"

And after 5 minutes the message changes to "GOT A STROKE, WAS ABDUCTED, PASSED OUT.." or something of sorts..

Re: Multiplayer Command System
Disabling tables simply isn't going to happen. The auto-reply might be possible though.

K, it was just an after thought to the original discussion we had.

Re: Multiplayer Command System
A version check would be nice, right now thats pointless because only 3.6.10 builds work with the new server, but when newer versions come out, it would be nice to be able to find out easliy if someones running an outdated build...... I personally think an auto ai force jump would be great... Expetually if online ever gets popular as before and tournaments are occuring.


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Re: Multiplayer Command System
This was also a problem with tachyon, and I agree that an away status message would be

One cavat though... if another person joins in with player 1 (away) and player 2 (present)
and 2 and 3 start talking... wouldn't you get a constant "IM AWAY - BRB IN 5 TOASTERS!" every other line?

Might be something to think about, or at least put in some kind of limiter that says it can only appear once
in 5 mins or so for those type of messages. Otherwise it'd just become annoying.
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Re: Multiplayer Command System
make it apear once per person, shows up for everyones first message


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Re: Multiplayer Command System
Karajorma has already added in the ability to send messages to your teammates through the /f command I think, so if it's already checking for a /command, adding more might be easier now than if that hadn't been done.  The actual code for each command is still obviously going to be just as much as as before though.  Some of those are things that could be built into the IRC server side, just like regular IRC servers.  And normally for when you get back to the pc I think they use /back and not /-away, although I've never tried that with XChat.  Also, for a feature that's usually a boolean value, most people would be more accustomed to setting it via /{command} followed by a 1 or 0.  Scripting support would be nice on top of that, you could just /.{scriptname} and it would execute a script full of configuration commands, that way you could easily switch between common game configurations with a prewritten script filled with the necessary commands.
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