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Known issues; please read before posting
Like any other mod, Blue Planet has some known bugs, issues and problems. The following issues are concidered common and are therefore included in this thread, along with fixes of course. If you are having problems with Blue Planet, please read through this thread before asking for help, because it is very likely that the problem you're having is included here.

Known issues
  • Alt-A does nothing
  • Crash upon completion of "Journey of a Thousand Miles"
  • Crash on ship selection screen
  • Invisible primary weapons
  • Trouble disarming the Ravana
  • My HUD is gone!

Alt-A does nothing

You're supposed to engage auto pilot. Alt-A is the default key combination but you obviously have it assigned to something else. Or unassigned entirely. Consult your keyboard configuration.
Some more information about the Alt-A error.
Quite time ago, I mantised a related report: Mantis 1650. Randomly, autopilot keys are assigned to viewing functions. I bet that this is the root for Alt-A trouble inside BP. Nevertheless I couldn't find the trigger for this "bug".
Please click the Mantis link for more information about this bug.

Crash upon completion of "Journey of a Thousand Miles"

For those getting the crash upon completion of Journey of a Thousand Miles and starting the next mission (after you follow the Duke through the node for the first time), you may be experiencing the "Red Alert Bug" that some users get using FSO 3.6.9.

Here are some things you can do:

* Check that you are using FSO 3.6.10 Final, where this problem appears to have been addressed.
* Create a new pilot and restart the campaign
* Alternatively, download the No Red Alert Missions.

Use the download as a temporary fix if you're getting a crash with red alert missions even after creating a new pilot for the mod and using FSO 3.6.10. This disables the red alert setting for each mission that uses them, which means you don't keep your fighter/weapon loadout throughout those missions.

Crash on ship selection screen

If you experience crashes, when entering the ship selection screen or the weapon selection screen, make sure you've ticked on "Use models for ship selection" from the Launcher (Features tab, under Gameplay).

Insivible primary weapons

If you're using the original Blue Planet, you must also use the MediaVPs with it. If you don't have the MediaVPs yet, get them from the release thread.
Using Blue Planet and the MediaVPs simultaneously requires a mod.ini. If you don't have a mod.ini file in your \blueplanet\ folder, get one from the bottom of the first post in the Blue Planet release thread. Place it to your \blueplanet\ folder and make sure your MediaVPs folder is called "mediavps", without quotations.

Alternatively, get the 3.6.10 version of Blue Planet.

Trouble disarming the Ravana

Having trouble hitting those Ravana frontal beams? Finding it impossible to keep your home ship alive as a result? Sounds like you've got the buggy HTL Ravana with the wonderful collision-detection errors!

Download the fixed version, put it in the /data/models/ folder, and make those once-impossible escort missions doable!
(Note: this issue should only occur with the 3.6.10 Beta MediaVPs. The final release of the 3.6.10 MediaVPs includes a working Ravana model.)

My HUD Is gone!

Press Shift-O.

If you
- know of a BP-specific issue not listed here
- know of an alternative solution to an issue listed here
- have other complaints
contact me or Darius.
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