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So, those of you with the FSPort Media VPs enabled may have been frustrated when trying to load the PVI Karnak in the tech room, or the game may seem to freeze when loading a certain ST:R mission.

All you need is patience.

The Karnak is a very large, very complex model, and the first time (and ONLY the first time) you use it FreeSpace needs to cache some data for it.

This only happens the first time you load it. Give it a moment and all will be well. Some users have said it takes several minutes to build the index buffer, so please, be patient.

This is not a bug, it is a known and unfortunate side effect of having such amazing models in the game. We're working on including the index buffer file in the next FSPort MVP release, but until then, just hang on and rest assured it will only happen once.

Good day.
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