Author Topic: Please Delete my Account - I am being Harrassed  (Read 1377 times)

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Please Delete my Account - I am being Harrassed
Dear MODS,

I have posted in Multiplayer that I have been bullied to death by Quantumdelta, The_E and BlackDove. Sworn at, Called a retard, someone with Down's Syndrome, etc etc.

I am now leaving this community and want my account deleted permanently. I cannot find a delete account button

Please do so for me.

Jedimasterseth a.k.a FLINT


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Re: Please Delete my Account - I am being Harrassed
If you're being harassed, report the harassing posts. If it's via PM, ignorelist the members.

I thought you were leaving the community anyway, why do you need your account deleted? Just disable notifications or something.

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Re: Please Delete my Account - I am being Harrassed
Your account is not being deleted. It would result in all your posts being labelled as guest.

If you don't want to come here any more it's as simple as not coming here any more.

And this is your last chance to either report any issues through the proper channels. If you post on more time that you are being bullied without backing it up in some way I'm simply going to perma-ban you from HLP for flaming those members. You have repeatedly claimed bullying but have completely failed to explain why you aren't following their advice on how to not be bullied.

As such you come off as the architect of your own misfortune.

Oh and I'm banning you if you post again that this is your last post and then post again cause I'm already tired of that too.
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