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Has anybody download a good mod for Freespace????:bump:


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You're kidding, right?:mad2: :mad:


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I think hes just trying to get people angry..... I mean for someone who names himself "FreespaceMaster"... If this was at the vBB, the following posts would probably require the proper WHMIS Symbol :

Hint: Use search
Hint: Look at the long list of mod forums
Hint: Actually read other peoples frickin posts
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Freespacemaster was a rather bad troll on the VBB and it looks like he's determined to spread to this board too.

I say bad cause his technique was rather poor. Ask a stupid question and then act as if you don`t understand any of the explainations you recieve.

I suspect that he is a PEBCAK
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Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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He hung around F2S BB for a few days, spammed some, then pissed off.
:headz: :doubt:
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[steps out of shadows]

[cracks knuckles]

[grins evilly]

Goatin' time...


I dont think he was really that bad.  Compared to Alpha One, Guiperya (or whatever), and that one guy who just posted "BUMP" for three or four screens.
This guy just seems annoying, not really hostile.  Just dont feed him and he'll leave.


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What about those two who would post


Over and Over, they were just twats!


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He is either a troll, or just stupid. He doesn't act like troll, but asks so stupid questions again and again... :doubt:


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oh be nice

blackwater ops
the babylon project
over the top
and ofcourse hyper chrisis :D the last one is the best kidding TBP RULEZ
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:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
That's why i quit VBB!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Infested_Larva
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
That's why i quit VBB!!!!!!!!!!!  

Everybody did, go figure
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I don't really think this guy is a troll either (or if so, he is very bad at it), but just a silly person doesn't know any better.

BTW did anyone notice that the bump smiley in the original post made no sense? :p:D

I dont think he was really that bad. Compared to Alpha One, Guiperya (or whatever), and that one guy who just posted "BUMP" for three or four screens.
This guy just seems annoying, not really hostile. Just dont feed him and he'll leave.

Yeah that last guy you mentioned, Hemaroid Frog Butt, was probably the worst troll I can remember in VBB history. He pissed off just about everyone on the board at least five times, bumped hundreds of old topics and made over 300 posts of pure crap before he was finally banned. :p (I have a feeling that it was RJM due to the writing style) To make matters worse, the Guiyerapa dude was posting topics about "joining the neo-troll front" and "trolls uniting to take over the forum" at around the same time. :p (these two were the BOSCHBOSCHBOSCH etc. guys that Razor mentioned) The VBB was always a really wacky place. :D
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I will admit that on the VBB, I just stayed in my Fred2 forum and never came out.  It was nice and quiet and relatively troll-less.  I was happy in there.  Ask a question, answer a question, laugh at a bit of apt sarcasm from the Bane, joke about a bit; it was good.
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That is what I did as well when I was a newbie there; I got my first 200 or so posts exclusively in the FRED2 forum. I eventually moved over to the FS and SW forums though, but that was back in the Golden Age when the VBB was really a great place. ;) (late 1999)


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"More trolls!"


I could go on... but I won't. :D
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I have returned... Again...


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VBB=Trolls that make people :mad:, plenty of :headz:, and plenty of :bump: ing of pointless topics!

:ha: ;) :rolleyes:
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