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This is the official 3.6.13 Changelog thread. As coders add new features they should update this post with a quick summary of how it works. In this way anyone can take a quick look at a single page and see what was added to the code since the last official release. (You can find the changelog for 3.6.12 here).

Unless you are an SCP coder you should not post on this thread. If you want to discuss a change start a discussion thread about it. Any non SCP posts will be split and repeat offenders dealt with. :p Coders should try to keep the list to things non-coders actually care about. Major, longstanding bugs that actually blocked progress are one thing but let's not mention every single bug we fixed. We all do a lot of stuff behind the scenes but anyone interested in the full changelog can simply look at the SVN log or Mantis to read up on that.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I've added since 3.6.12

  • Added Objecttype tables support for deciding how enemies respond to ship classes when disabled
  • Game Settings.tbl - Allow campaigns to be hidden in the campaign and tech rooms
  • Game Settings.tbl - Allow mods to set a default campaign
  • Allow modders to set a mood for builtin messages and then switch the mood for the mission on the fly using a SEXP
  • Allow modders to set the chance of builtin messages being sent, how many will be sent per mission and how long is the delay between two messages
  • Split the Locked flag so that you can lock Ships or Weapons on the game loadout screen independently
  • various multiplayer SEXP fixes
  • New SEXPs
    • set-player-orders
    • is-event\goal-true\false-msecs-delay
    • get\set-num-countermeasures
    • directive-value
    • invalidate-all-arguments
    • validate-all-arguments
    • has-primary-weapon
    • has-secondary-weapon

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  • New SEXPs
    • hud-display-gauge - currently only can display the warpout gauge. Was originally added to 3.6.12, but I am looking for other gauges to add, but remember I am waiting for Swifty to complete the HUD rewrite before adding any others (except by special request)
    • get-object-speed-x, get-object-speed-y, get-object-speed-z - Does what you think it does. The opposite of set-object-speed-x, set-object-speed-y, set-object-speed-z. :P
  • Mixed ammo for primary and secondary weapons - $Substitute: - Allows you to have a weapon that fires other weapon ammo in a specific pattern (say a Gatling gun with tracers). The discussion thread for this feature.
  • The active support ship limit per side is now dynamic.  See set-support-ship for more info.
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I forgot about this thread... there are probably quite a few features not listed in this post...

  • SEXPs
    • show-subtitle-text will support custom fonts after 3.6.12
    • fire-beam-at-coordinates does exactly what it says on the tin
    • rotating-subsys-set-time now accelerates properly
  • Waypoint limits are now dynamic
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