Author Topic: Portal on Steam for Free!!!  (Read 5350 times)

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Re: Portal on Steam for Free!!!
But why would you want to ignore anyone?  We're all supposed to be happy good time friends!
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Re: Portal on Steam for Free!!!
Downloaded and played it (never had before).

Interesting little game, honestly.  Some of the bonus puzzles are pretty difficult.  Glad they offered it for download.  :yes:


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Re: Portal on Steam for Free!!!
Speaking of, we really need to try organizing another HLP TF2 gameday.  We have that Steam group going, so we might as well use it.  The reason I haven't broken into TF2 is because I don't know what I'm doing with it (I really wish Valve had included some sort of singleplayer training/tutorial mode), but I'd love to change that.

We do!?? I must have in I say.
Same here.