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Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
The wiki has some useful pages: (modding section of sidebar) (Tables control practically everything, except some parts of models) (you need one of these to open the VP archive files)

Plus if you jump onto IRC, in #bp or #freespace (see links at the top of the page) someone will generally be around who can help out.
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Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Please make it compatible, BP team
That being said, the only thing needed to be done to make it compatible should just be for somebody to make a replacement table file. You might find that it's easier to do it yourself than you think it is.

I'm pretty mod-savvy from back in the day doing Source-related stuff, can you at least point me at where to start? (pay particular attention to +nocreate)

As I understand it, you just need a series of entries along these lines:
Code: [Select]
$Name: UEF Uhlan
$Cockpit POF file: <whatever>
for each ship, then put it into modular table named something like bp-cockpit-shp.tbm (important that it sort alphabetically before bp-shp.tbm or ships introduced in the latter won't exist when it's parsed).

But hey, that's just off the top of my head; do your own research if that doesn't work. Feel free to ask questions, either on the forums on on IRC (in addition to the channels niffiwan suggested above, you might also try #scp).
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Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Or you can just add 'show ship' to the ship's flags.  That's the simplest way of doing it.

Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Or you can just add 'show ship' to the ship's flags.  That's the simplest way of doing it.

yeah, but this way you will get glass reflections inside the cockpit.
Does anyone knows what texture is used for cockpit glass so I can nulify reflections? (replacing it with transparent texture for example?)

Cockpits or at least "showshippits" adds so much to the game... (because I use freetrack)
Apreciate your answers, gents...

Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Steve-O's cockpits are pretty much compatible with the current build. The only thing that does not work for me is rearming/repairing. After support docks I enter a never ending spin. But apart from that no complaints...


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Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Not only that. The mod also affects other ships. For example compare Nauticus and Pesedjet models with and without the mod.

Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Heh. Odd. Never noticed that one before, though. Good catch.


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Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Anyone had any luck with updating the cockpit mod?


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Re: The BP2 Optional Extras thread
Ok, I made some changes to the mod MetalDestroyer posted earlier. Now the cockpits appear for Uhlan, Kentauroi, Uriel and Ainsarii in BP Complete. There are now no issues with other ships' models or rearming sequence, but there is still tradeoff however:
1) No reflective canopy glass in external views for Uhlan, Kent & Uriel.
2) Kent is now back the way it was in previous BP release. This means 3D model and weapon layout.
3) If there were any changes to the other three fighters' 3D models in BPC, they are now effectively negated too.
4) Ainsarii cockpit looks a bit buggy.

Please be advised that I know nothing about FS modding and edited this mod for my personal use only as a temporary solution, until somebody makes it truly compatible with the current release. Doing so myself would require 3D modelling skills which I do not have.

Download link:

bp_complete_cockpits.vp contains full mod with just tables edited (replaced).
bp_complete_cockpits_light.vp has effects, maps and sounds folders removed. All the same-name files of those folders are also present in main BP .vps, so replacing those may mess something else; I'm not sure. So far I did not notice any visible difference with those folders and without them.
If I am infringing any copyrights, please let me know and I'll remove the link.