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FS-Port 3.6.12 - Lucifer Beam-Piercings
Hello Guys =)

On first: My english isnt very good. Its only school-english.  I hope you understand this.
I have the Problem on 1 PC and 1 Notebook  - the beautiful Beam-Piercings of the Lucifer in Mission "A Failure to Communication"  doesnt appears.

System 1: PC
Intel Core2Duo 2x 2,6ghz
4GB Memory
ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB  (XFX)
Windows 7 - Premium 64bit

System 2: Notebook
Intel iCore5 2x 2,4ghz
4GB Memory
4GB Memory-Card as ReadyBoost
ATI Radeon HD 5870 Mobility 1GB
Windows 7 - Home 64bit

Note: I installed Freespace2 from GOG new in F:\Freespace SCP\
Note: I used the FSO-installer what telling me somethin from "MediaVP 3.6.10" - but is Downloading 3.6.12 (i think the Program isnt updated)
Note: I used every step on the "MediaVP 3.6.12"-Thread and Release-Thread of FS-Port for 3.6.12

On Attachmend: My fresh Log from today.

[attachment deleted by ninja]
My english isnt very good. Please forgive me :)


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Re: FS-Port 3.6.12 - Lucifer Beam-Piercings
Closed, due to answer being here.
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