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According to this post, the HTL Faustus is not included in fsport-mediavps.  Is that correct?

I seem to recall there being some work on this model recently, perhaps with the nameplates, so maybe it hasn't been updated yet.

Indeed, science01.pof is not in the fsport_mediavps. Only the high-poly medical version is.


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I made sure to include the high-poly Faustus in the official 3.6.12 MediaVPs, with all of the fixes, including the ST:R dockpoint. That way it could be deleted from the 3.2 FSPort MVPs.

However ST:R has not been updated to 3.6.12 and still has the low-poly dockpointed model in there. The ST:R rerelease will not have the Faustus in it, so it should use the FSPort or MediaVPs model, both of which have the dockpoints.
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O rly?  Interesting solution.

And one that I thought would work, but then I remembered: the FSPort has priority over the standard mediaVPs, therefore, the low-poly pathed Faustus will outrank the high-poly one.  So it needs to be in fsport-mediavps, even if it's not included in the ST:R rerelease itself.  Same with the Chronos and Amazon Adv.