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Not likely. Rare EU ships are low on our priority list. The Peregrine (correct me if I'm wrong) only appeared in XvT:BoP and nowhere else.

Of course we'll use anything we get. If someone comes out with a good-looking operable Modified Strike Cruiser, we'll likely use it.
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I like those ideas. I'll start making one tonight (I'm on the night shift :( ) The orbital bombardment package could make for a cool mission. You could have a far away and invisible ship that's invisible and untargetable, and a big planet right behind it. Then have some strike class cruisers and a SD bombard the object. Or something. Your job as the pilot would be to patrol the perimeter and catch runners. It would look something like this, but with different ships:
I like the sound of this.
and there is the possibility of being a rebel on the other side, weave through the bombardment (spawn between target and the cruisers) to attack a couple of these