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"is what you got banned from GD" is a line that should be kept to people capable of banning, IMO.

On threat of banning?
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is what got you banned from GD

No, not really.

If you really consider the above grounds for banning, then go bann yourself and 99.9% of the internet while you're at it.
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Ad homs are pretty typical banning reasons, and saying what got him banned from GD is not an ad hom nor is it a call for mod action; it is a statement of fact.


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There seems to be some universal law that the moment a hugely successful games developer decides to make an MMO all their future games go down the crapper (See Starcraft 2 storyline durr), so a crappy ME3 story wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Still, it would make me sad a little :p


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Thread closed.

Given that Trashman cannot stop spewing how much he hates hates HATES Bioware and EA in general, and Mass Effect in particular, no further Mass Effect threads will be allowed to live until ME3's demo is released (i.e., when most of us have the ability to actually evaluate real snippets of gameplay). Once the game is released, Trashman may be able to get some "I told you so"-style satisfaction; or he may just turn out to be wrong. Until then, this clusterflame is done and over.
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