Author Topic: FSPort Shivan Strikecraft Upgrade  (Read 2152 times)

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FSPort Shivan Strikecraft Upgrade
Greetings to the FSPort from Inferno.  We are currently overhauling our Shivan strikecraft and will thus refurbish all FS1 and FS2 Shivan fighters and bombers not yet brought up to today's standards.  This thread will track our progress for FS1-era Shivan fighters and bomber.


SF Scorpion
SF Gorgon (model by Dark; HTL by Rampage; texture by FreespaceKing)
SB Shaitan

As proof of our faithfulness, we have decided to give the FSPort our HTL SF Gorgon; please have a team member contact Rampage for this and all future file transfers.

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Re: FSPort Shivan Strikecraft Upgrade
If/When the Scorpion and Shaitan are finish.. I just might give cb_shiversubkilla a re-render!
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Re: FSPort Shivan Strikecraft Upgrade
Doo eet. And make a version without ML-16 for when you'll get rid of the 256 colors limitation.
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Re: FSPort Shivan Strikecraft Upgrade
Update: Work on the Shaitan is going well, and the HTL Shaitan is 65% completed.  Work has also started on the Scorpion, but due to a difficult mesh to work with, it might take some time until a final product is released to the Community.