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You don't guess what I do today... :)
Hey guys...
...this mostly concerns anybody who remembers the beginnings of TBP and the first two releases!

Back then I was handling the sound design and voice acting of the whole project. Well, after working for a research institute and a big automobile manufacturer as a programmer/engineer I have now started working for a yet small game company in Germany as head of audio!

It's like a dream coming true....I get less money but I am finally getting happy with the work I do...and I couldn't do it today if I haven't worked with the TBP team and dug deep into that whole audio thing. It is where all my love for sound and music started. Thus I want to thank anybody who was involved in the development and anybody who downloaded and played it, because you made it a big hit and made me push forward!!

Thank you so much!
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Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
Are you the guy that did the music for this? If so, good work! I remember reading about it when the video first came out, and you were worried that it didn't sound B5 enough :P

Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
If you want to be ready for Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn, then download and play the prologue first.


Then, while waiting for the Darkest dawn, Download Starshatter 4.02

You 'll understand why once you have.

Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
That's Great to hear.


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Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
Nice going mate :yes:

btw i think an admin needs to change Black Sheep's title to something a little more appropriate
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Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
TBP was the first total conversion for FreeSpace 2, and it wouldn't have had the effect on players that it did (and still does) without the complete overhaul of sound and music that you pulled off.  If you do half as good as you did on TBP you'll do great at your new company.  I know you've wanted this for 8+ years so it's so awesome you made it, and are actually getting paid to do something you enjoy!

Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
Cool bean man. Congrats


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Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
Congrats on the new job!
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Re: You don't guess what I do today... :)
Congrats, man!
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