Author Topic: Has anyone thought to ask to link their FS2 to us?  (Read 852 times)

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Has anyone thought to ask to link their FS2 to us?
seriously. there is no mention of FSO or hard light anywhere on the gog site, even though the majority of people who get gog's FS2 is FOR THIS SITE!
considering we have magazines doing features about FSO and even have volition members approving of the work that has been done here.
we could always keep a review up on the download page with a link here, but that is going to take work, and not many people will read the reviews, as they already know that they like FS2.
i would be happy to contact GOG about this, but i dont really think that its my place. im just a new member here, and ive contributed nothing except adding to the bandwidth, lol. (though i plan on doing VO work, as soon as i get my microphone problems ironed out. and maybe one day soon, ill be able to work on fredding and modding.)
my suggestion would be to have a few lines about FSO and a link here in the description of the game. Buy why stop there? the thing that sets gog apart is that it doesnt just give you the games, but all the add-ons, strategy guides, soundtracks, etc. whenever you purchase one of their games. i was hoping we could get a version of the FSO installer in there, or if nothing else, a pdf document explaining how to get to this site and what FSO is. i certainly think that at least 85% of the people who bought the game, and actually knew that we could give them a huge graphical boost, they would be here in a heartbeat.

now, i cant for the life of me, figure out why this hasnt happened yet, because this is most definately a WIN\WIN proposal. we get lots more money for GOG, and through them, we get a large influx of new members, who themselves will become a part of the community, thereby keeping it alive long into the future. and of course the real benefit for us, is that of all the people who come here, there will definately be some new help for all of these stalling projects, as well as quite a few new ones, i imagine.

so my question, to an administrator here, please, is this:
Has this been tried before? And if not, is there anything i could do to help facilitate putting a proposal together to submit to (i ask for no credit, and i am not asking to contact them, just offering to help you put together a proposal for them to look over. i have done none of the great work on this project, and i wouldnt want to step on anyone's toes)

and to anyone else who happens to be here, im curious what you think about this idea.
think it would be a good thing for hard light productions, and the community of modders as a whole? I mean, come on! A new infusion of young blood helps geezer vampires suffering from Limpus Fangus without the need for costly little red pills. we may not (all) be vampires, but i think hard light could use a little "hard fang" to help us cut through all the work and projects that are stalled before they die out.
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Re: Has anyone thought to ask to link their FS2 to us?
iirc, they did mention hlp and several mods on their site at some point ( the recent sale?).
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Re: Has anyone thought to ask to link their FS2 to us?
The page for FreeSpace 2 has a link to their spotlight of the SCP.  Unfortunately, that doesn't lead to HLP, just
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Re: Has anyone thought to ask to link their FS2 to us?
Which is good enough. Seriously, GOG have done all they can to promote us on their site without us being formally affiliated with them (a step that, for several complicated reasons, isn't going to happen).

Just look at it. The editorials they made, their forum, all have links to HLP or other sites.
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Re: Has anyone thought to ask to link their FS2 to us?
"several complicated reasons"

like the terms of the source code release?
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Re: Has anyone thought to ask to link their FS2 to us?
No, their lawyers want our mods.