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[Release] Operation Crucible - Voiceacting
Hi everyone, as a matter of fact i have as a small side project of mine voice acted
Operation: Crucible

using my usual system of advanced TTS software and doing some lines myself

This campain is special in a certain way, as it is, at least to my knowledge, the only fully branched campaign that exists.
Originally released in the FS1 days and later revised by the FS-Port team i have now added the last thing it was lacking.
Full credits for the campain as such go to its original creator and the port team!

This campaign centers around the actions of the GTD Intrepid after the defeat of the Lucifer at Sol. The Intrepid is assigned a mission to penetrate enemy lines in order to buy time for the Terran-Vasudan alliance to regroup.

the campaign comes with it's own mod folder, just drop it into your main freespace2 folder and select it in the launcher
you will need a recent version of the fs-port however

grab the campaign here:
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Campaigns revised/voice-acted by me:
Lightning Marshal 1-4, The Regulus Campaign, Operation: Savior, Operation: Crucible, Titan Rebellion, Fall of Epsilon Pegasi 1.1Aftermath 2.1,
Pandora's Box 2.2, Deep Blood

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