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I like the dirt.  Makes it look used (as most Seths should be, by the time FS2 rolls around at least).

Keep it up. :yes:
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Careful you don't go overboard with the dirt. Right now, that first prototype makes the asset look like it was lifted from Bastion because of its paint-like aesthetic.


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IMHO to dirty right now.  I would consider less dirt and more grain/noise/whatever approach.
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Agreed, I tried increasing the contrast on the image of the original texture and it was a significant improvement.

Although, I rather like how the dirt looks on the darker panels toward the front. A bit more dirt there than elsewhere also makes sense since the missiles are launched across that area.

Also, the leading edge was segmented in the original. Where you considering doing something with that, or leaving it as it looks in the dirty image?

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That last image looks better, now it only needs some well placed details coupled with good normal maps and you are ready to go.

If you are in the need for some inspiration you could check the Uly, that's one of the best textured models out there right now that resembles your current work IMO.
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Yes, the ulysses is very well done. I think the exposed mechanical/greeble parts will help you especially, since they look pretty good without being modeled in IIRC. But please don't leave obvious untextured parts on the model, like the ulysses does. (How the hell has it been 2-3 years since that has been noted and not fixed? Is there no UV map on those parts of the model?)


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I appreciate your comments.

Personally, I don't like crispy new fighters but I don't like when they look as if they single-handedly fought the terrans, beat the lucifer and kept going for 50 years neither.
I will tone down the dirt. I've shown it because it's my first time texturing and I don't know if I'm doing it right.
Iin the end it's a matter of personal taste, and I like it less dirty.

Regarding that cracked pattern I had, I think it makes all that back area too continuous and hides the mesh details, so I removed it.

And thanks for recomending the Ulyses, I will be loking into that.

I think the dirt layer looks better when it's placed at the missle tubes and turrets.
IMO noise on the hull will be better than a dirt layer.


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I'll third the need for some noise/grain on it.


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here's a little progress update:
I found out that I'm useless at greeble modeling. So I stole a piece of texture from the Hatshepsut to fill those grayish parts. :nono:
To break that flat surface feeling in the back I add some noise to the normal map on the scales.
So the current status is:
- textures
- detail0, detail1, detail2
- shield mesh

- debris (still!)
- placing subsystems, firing points, etc.
- make those flaps turn on AB.

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Holy sh-

Although I must say, I am not a fan of the glows. Well, I am, but not of the color. I remember the MVP glows on the older one were much darker.
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This is GOOD artistic invention :yes:
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Holy crap that looks good.

I have to agree on the glows. They're too strong right now and are overpowering.

How are you planning the flaps to turn on AB? I'm not sure what axis of rotation could actually look good...
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Offline The Dagger

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Now that I focus on the glow, I think you're right. I've tone down the glow reflects so that the source of light is more defined.
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great job dagger, I hope my sekhmet turns out as well, it will be cool to have the seth escorting it


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Lit like that with the normal mapping and everything it looks gorgeous. I like the toned down glows too, but might it be possibly to change the hue a bit? It's currently a bit on the cyan side of the gradient - it would probably look better as a deeper blue, more of a slightly darker azure. Also, could the groove between the two missile launchers be a somewhat darker shade? These two chamges would bring it more in line with [V]'s model I think.

Overall though, a great looking ship, and a really good upgrade. :nod:
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Offline Dragon

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Looks awesome. It could indeed use a deeper blue for the glows, but otherwise, it's pretty much perfect.


Offline sigtau

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The toned down glows are exactly what they need to be.  Well done.  Can't wait to see this in-game.
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:yes::yes::yes: Very well done.
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That flat area in the top/back looks woefully under detailed. Texture could use some tweaking there. Also the glows should be pure blue. 0, 0, 255. Is how they are on the Thoth and Horus.