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Well tomorrow is the release date. lets see how bad it is going to be.
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They are not changing the core of the endings, which was my main problem with it.

Having said that, here's what I hope they *will* do with the 1.9GB:

 - Upgrade Alliance's attack on Earth:

a.Now we will be able to see every species we were able to gather "standing by" before attacking the reapers.
b. We will see more ground troops (Batarians? Rachni?) fighting alongside.

- Closure:

a. We will have a general outlook on the galaxy and why it isn't "doomed".
b. We will see what happens in every possible ME species. What is the future of Tuchanka? Rannoch? etc.
c. We will see our happy companions' future, perhaps some burial of those who didn't make it.
d. We will see what happens to Shepard, and if there's a LI, both together watching the sun go down, etc.

I'd hope for all the above. But quite frankly, my dear, I almost don't give a damn anymore.


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I'm glad to see this is due soon; I've been biding my time with multiplayer and avoiding finishing the game until this was released.
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Not sure if care. I've not touched the game since the first time through. | FatHax | ??????
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Without changing the basic endings I'm pretty sure nobody will give a damn.
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bet you the ending now comes in purple and cyan


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DL-ing as we speak.

do the new endings look photoshoped to any one?


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Photoshopping an ending cutscene is a massively retarded move that even EA knows is a bad idea.

Take the trolling somewhere else.


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Control ending:
Destroy ending:
Synthesis ending:

Now I'd say that these are what the endings should have been the first time around by giving a sense of closure and explaining what really happens after Shepard's decision. It is a different matter entirely whether folks will be content with the writing itself though. But I think the endings are good enough now.


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Expanding on what's there doesn't help when what's there already sucks.  The biggest problem with the original endings wasn't ambiguity, it was that they made no sense whatsoever, and the DLC doesn't fix that.

I admit that when I went for the reject ending, I had a small moment of hope when the child said "so be it" in a Reaper voice.  Thought they might have actually listened to us.  Instead, that choice was basically Bioware spiting us for questioning their "artistic integrity".

In short, the endings are a little better, but if the game had shipped like this, I'd have been just as disappointed.  Ending still sucks.


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Oh right, I forgot the fourth, new ending. Refusal.

I only wish military strength had mattered when selecting this fourth ending. High enough and allied should have won. Oh well, not going to cry over it.


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welp. disappointed in all 3. synthesis made me want to puke, with its utopian-ness. control now seems like the best option. and refusal just seems pointless

Photoshopping an ending cutscene is a massively retarded move that even EA knows is a bad idea.

Take the trolling somewhere else.
no i'm serious the stills they added look like something out of photoshop and some of the diffs in the synthesis ending look just like the equivalent scenes in the other ending but with a cheap green overlay around every ones eyes

but that being said I love how the fate of the galaxy isn't a hopeless mystery and that the ending was not actually an indoctrinated hallucination(i hope that doesn't give to much away)

has any one tried refusal with an absolute maxed out score?
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honestly the indoctrination theory would have been a better resolution for the story. and i agree it feels like a lot of the ending for each were copied and pasted into the other endings with a few edits mainly the green glowy parts for synthesis ending. at least the visuals anyway. the epilogue for each ending apart from control either do no mention shepherd at all or say 1 line about sacrifice involving him. man halo 3 had a better send off for the chief
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if you ask me the indoctrination theory was born to justify the feeling that none of the choices mattered. it made it all feel blended together. at least now there is some difference between the endings

i do like the "i fight for freedom" speech the refusal ending gives it makes me wish to see how the next cycle beat the reapers.


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Heh, Since ME 2 i wanted to stay with cerberus and in general agreed with TIM, i just never had a chance to play the game that way (Maybe if i yell loud enough, somebody from Bioware will come look at what the fuss is all about and make another DLC :D). Now i can finally point and laugh at everyone who said i am a bad person.

although i did want to see EDI get vaporised in destroy option, so i am not that good of a parson after all :P


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if you ask me the indoctrination theory was born to justify the feeling that NONE OF THE CHOICES MATTERED.

I think that says it all right there. yes the original endings were not clear, but the heart of problem wasn't the clarity, rather the endings themselves.

there is some difference in the endings now. I will give you that. and yeah the fight for freedom speech was good. I wish that you military strength score could have had an effect on how that turned out. say, if it was high enough you could have won.

and unfortunately you don't see edi or the geth get vaporized, thus taking the sting out of that choice


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Refusal ending: You didn't picked a color, thus you and everyone will DIE. No matter how many war assets you've gathered.
gg no re.

Bioware being sour.

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