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Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
I recently finished the first Season of Mars. It was intersting mix of Scifi Story and documantery (or better:  a little bit of advertisment for SpaceX),  it was interesting, though not so much new for me. The actual Story vas pretty good and seemed very plausable, though it was a little bit too much Drama involved.

Story is about a first manned Mission to Mars that is also tasked with bulding the first Colony and search for life on Mars in the year 2033. It skips than from time to time back to the present and shows how far we are and what still needs to be resolved to make this mission a reality.
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Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
I watched three episodes of parasite on Netflix during downtime at work today..

Its just plain awful 😂

Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
Time to post some anime updates: mostly from the last 2 or so months. Like many others, I found myself with an excess of time at home and didn't have a whole lot to do (except for the ~3 week finals sprint that always happens at the end of a school semester). Anyways, here's what I've been up to:
Log Horizon - Season 1 - Not much to say here. I watched SAO and was disappointed, like many others, with the (lack of) quality of the writing and character development, as well as the slapdash worldbuilding. Log Horizon is much more intriguing and doesn't try to hamfist in an explanation as to how the 'video game isekai' occurred. Also, its focus on personal freedoms and purpose is a nice, and heartily realistic take on the genre.

My Next Life as A Villainess - Started this as a lighthearted show to watch once a day over breakfast. It's nothing special, but does its job of providing me with some decent comic relief (among some sparse emotional moments). It's got a bit more creativity than the usual 'lowest common denominator' isekai, so it gets some credit there.

Tower of God - Currently 7 episodes in, and I am getting some strong Hunter x Hunter vibes from this (in a good way). Bam is an...interesting 'protagonist'. No spoilers here so I'll keep it vague - the writer(s), at least to me, are setting up for some major character interactions in the future, and I only hope they can deliver. If they don't, then this series will have built up a lot of well-deserved/earned hype for no payout.

Domestic Girlfriend - I still can't believe i watched this. I think I just hoped it would get better as the end neared, but no. This is just bad.  :banghead:

Brand New Animal - 6 Episodes in, which is what is available so far. Animation is stellar, as is expected from Trigger. Def not as over the top as the usual trigger production, but still has that trigger feel. Michuru is fun, but I must admit that the story feels a little lacking in creativity. I don't know - will re-evaluate on completion.

Kaguya-Love is War S2 - Also 6 episodes in, and it continues to be great! Best part so far has been the additional development of side characters like Ishigami and Hayasaka. This series is a must-watch.

Food Wars - All Seasons - First and second seasons were amazingly fun and very ecchi! Season 3 was good, season 4 was alright, season 5 only has two episodes so far but looks to be kinda bad - the antagonist seems very shoehorned in and overturns many of the fundamentals established by the series. Might drop season 5 if quality continues to drop throughout.

That's all for now!

Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
I finally watched Neon Genesis Evangelion. And I have opinions.

Possible spoilers, but nothing specific. Also the anime is like 25 years old, so... you've been warned.

1: A lot fewer giant robot fights, and a lot more hardcore... psychological torture and philosophy than I expected.

2: I found every main character, with the possible exception of Rei, to be massively unpleasant and unlikable. But I guess that makes them more realistic characters?

3: Speaking of, these are probably the most accurate depictions of 14-year-olds I've seen in media. In lots of anime, kids tend to be just smaller, sillier adults. Not here though, here the kids are rash, dumb, annoying, selfish jerks, barely able to grasp that their actions affect the world around them; just like I was at 14!

4: I think I get roughly what the philosophy of the show is. I don't know how specifically it relates to the actual story though. Some episodes seemed kind of random and confusing. "Is this a dream? Whose dream? Hallucination? Somewhere else where a person's brain just goes 'whatever man, I'm going on a tangent with this chick's brain'?" What are those last two episodes supposed to be depicting, literally?

5: Why everything? Why the Angels? Why Seele? Why NERV? Why The Council? Why 14-year-olds exclusively?

6: What is everything from point 5?

6b: So is the whole thing a metaphor? Is it not actually a story about giant robots* stabbing each other and philosophical overtones and metaphor? Is it all metaphor and the giant robots* don't even exist?

7: I haven't seen End of Evangelion yet, maybe that'll help?

8: Watched on Netflix for the first time ever, so didn't get the Fly Me To The Moon ending. I don't feel like I missed it. Also, this may be sacrilege, but I feel like Cruel Angel's Thesis is just ok, and doesn't deserve "legendary OP" status.

9: It's kind of weird watching this after I've seen Darling In The Franxx. I was aware going in that there were... a number of similarities, but dang. At least as far as big robot battles goes, I feel like Franxx does a better job. Also I prefer having answers to my questions, even if the answers are "Because of 11th hour space aliens".

Technically not robots, I know. But can't resist the "Get in the robot, Shinji!" meme


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Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
My only opinion is that Evangelion has the more attractive major than Gits.  :nervous:

I don't think the depiction of 14 year olds is of typical 14 year olds though.    The ones in the show are as you described,  but when I was 14 we all tended to function a bit more.... "normally"  :nervous:  but I guess this gives the shows primary characters some variety as far as anime requirements dictate.

Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
I don't think the depiction of 14 year olds is of typical 14 year olds though.

Maybe it's more like the uncertainty and directionless rage that many feel is pasted on double-thick on the outside of the characters. Like, they act how we felt. idk.

In other news, I've now watched End of Evangelion.

I think it helped explain some things? In other ways made things more confusing?
At least it had a good big robot fight.


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Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
I find Evangelion almost infinitely more satisfying as an exploration of the mind of an extremely creative and talented person suffering from deep clinical depression, than as a narrative in its own right.


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Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
Agreed. I really disliked the film when I first saw it, particularly the empty theatre scene, as it seemed like a very pretentious and deliberate "**** you" to the audience. I came to appreciate it more and the series overall as I got a bit older and started to understand some of what it was trying to convey.

Evangelion was always billed as a deconstruction of the mecha genre, but it's kind of not really, it's something else entirely. I recently watched Gundam 1978 for the first time and I was surprised by how adult it was, with themes of war, PTSD, ethics etc (though admittedly glossed over and not fully explored). Evangelion is more sort of psychological torture porn with robots thrown in. There's bits of it I love and bits of it that are just frustrating, but of course it does that deliberately.
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Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
Saw DEVS from Alex Garland. Extremely pretentious and quite good anyway.