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"Her Finest Hour" bug
And no, it isn't the artilleries no longer responding to your commands. I think it was said there's nothing that can be done about it.

This one is about the Toutatis' wings and calling the attack.
The mission is successful, but considers whatever I call in destroyed, even if there are no losses. And sometimes, the mission considers ALL of the wings destroyed even if I don't call anything in.
Is that problem on my end? The mission runs as it should, no warnings, no errors. Should I post a log anyway?
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Re: "Her Finest Hour" bug
According to the WiH discussion thread, this has been happening to a lot of people. My debriefing has always cited catastrophic losses of over 40 ships.


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Re: "Her Finest Hour" bug
I will paypal ten bux to whoever figures out this bug. The SEXP seems pretty robust to me.


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Re: "Her Finest Hour" bug
Not sure if this helps, but data isn't bad, right?

I followed this order on my most successful playthrough:
Covered and saved Serenity
Destroyed AWACS domes
Destroyed Mjolnir beams
Had wing destroy Auroras
Had wing destroy tankers

Called in the two Uriel wings and the Custos wing
Disabled the Carthage
Disabled and destroyed cruisers and corvettes
Destroyed Carthage

I got the debriefing for not having had any friendly ships go down, although I highly doubt that - I didn't lose any of the frigates or the Custos gunboats, but I'm no QD. Something else had to have exploded.

Re: "Her Finest Hour" bug
I managed to get "light losses" by:

-Calling most of the wings to disable the Carthage, then ordering them to depart. I called all the wings but two wings of bombers and the gunboats. I've done this before and the result was Heavy Losses, even if nearly all the strikecraft managed to jump out.
-THEN calling the last two squads of bombers and possibly the gunboats my memory is unfortunately not precise, and had them sit on my wing (I was shooting for a confrontation with Sekhr, but screwed up the requirements to have them show up). I ended the mission with them all still alive and in-mission.

Re: "Her Finest Hour" bug
I know next to nothing about FREDing that wasn't in a tutorial on the site, but you might try looking around the Serenity for the root of the issue. I've completed this mission twice - the first time, I failed to save the Serenity, but completed all other objectives save destroying the minelayers prior to calling in the attack, and I called in everything I could and zerged the Carthage. Got the 'light losses' outcome, and I know I lost a few fighters in there as well as the frigate, though I believe all the gunboats made it. I also accepted it's surrender, if that hasn't been looked at as well.

The second time around, I did save the frigate, then played the mission roughly the same, again, calling in the attack without attacking the minelayers beforehand. Once again, I took the Zerg approach, and once again I lost a small amount of fighters and no gunboats, meaning a net gain in tonnage saved in this run. Except the debriefing claimed we'd taken catastrophic losses. So there might be a correlation there.


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Re: "Her Finest Hour" bug
My debrief said that I lost 30 spaceframes. Yet I'm not sure I even deployed so many. Stranger still, I got a "That was a strong command performance" from the recommendations. :nervous:
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