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Next Multiplayer Game
Does anybody know when the next big multiplayer game will be? Is there some sort of schedule, or is it random? For example the Red Faction Guerrilla has such a small amount of active multiplayer players in the community that they arrange matches at certain times of the day on certain days, usually around 2pm EST on Wednesday and Sunday.

Re: Next Multiplayer Game
My apologies for not seeing this sooner, I've been really busy the last few months, the games are pretty random at the moment but they are played, The forum isn't too bad a place to arrange it, IRC (#hard-light), isn't a terrible place to ask if you have a little while to wait.
Also, just starting a game and letting people see you're on sometimes brings a person or two out of the woodwork, it's a bit luck based at the moment, but there are games out there to be played.
2PM EST isn't a terrible time to check, looking a bit later than that (5PM-8PM) is around where most of them used to be played.
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