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Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP! (Check the first post for a roster)
Current roster of Peakwind
The Living:
(Dorfs marked with an asterisk are surviving members of the First Seven.)
*PhantomHoover, Doctor
SpardaSon, Axedwarf
deathfun (deathfunner), Doctor
dsockwell, ****cook
*CommanderDJ (DeeJayson), Warsmith
Trashman (TrashSon), Military Commander
Dekker (Dekkerson), Combat Engineer
*Mongoose (Mongooseson), Plantshaper
Gortefson, Chemist
Lorric, Digger
watsisname (watsison), Engraver
z64555, Doctor
Caiaphas, Stoneworker
20percentcooler (20percent), Hammerer
Patriot (Patriotson), Armorer
esarai, Siege Engineer and Baroness of Peakwind
Hades, Wordsmith
Oddgim, Archer
mura, Mason
qazwsx, Weaponsmith

Armory Requests:
PhantomHoover, Sword
SpardaSon, Axe
TrashSon, Breastplate + Spear
watsison, Hammer
z64555, Crossbow
20percent, Hammer
esarai, "Medium" kit + Sword
Hades, Sword

Funeral Requests:
Hobbie, Burial (honored)
redsniperson, Cremation B (honored)
Kobrarson, Cremation B (honored)
Borin "Balrogbait", Cremation B (honored)
Scourgeson, Cremation B (honored)
PhantomHoover, Obsidianization then made into a stone sword
SpardaSon, Cremation A
TrashSon, Cremation B
Dekker, Burial or Cremation B followed by reincarnation
Gortef, Cremation B
Lorric, Cremation B
watsison, Cremation B
Patriotson, Cremation B

Litany of the Fallen:
Scourgeson, slain by a goblin ambush
Polpolionson, drowned after falling through melting ice (body unrecoverable)
redsniperson, slain by a crazed fellow dwarf
Borin "Balrogbait", died of old age
Hobbie, slain by a goblin swordsman
Kobrarson, slain by a fellow dwarf with anger management problems
Scotty, succumbed to old age


Original Post Below
Ok, for a variety of reasons, chief of which were bad decisions on my end coupled with crippling malfunctions, I'm declaring Wallbones (The fortress from this ill-fated thread) officially BONED. I haven't officially abandoned it in-game, but it's safe to assume that's the better ending.

So it turns out an evil desert that rains nauseating, mildly corrosive sludge isn't the best place to raise a family. Especially if you're a dwarf. Super-brief recap for anybody who doesn't want to read the story of Wallbones (yes, I'm judging you, but I am putting a synopsis here): Settle in evil desert. Hunker down underground to avoid sludge rain. Do ok for a while. Dig into cavern layer. Let in vicious cobra-like Forgotten Beast. Said Cobrabeast kills everybody. New migrants arrive on the surface just in time. Migrants form new fortress. New fortress does ok for a while, then falls into a tantrum spiral. I say "**** this".

This time, we're doing this MY way. Don't worry, you'll like my way.

First, let's roll up a new world. The previous world that held Wallbones didn't have a lot of great embark sites, plus I've always preferred embarking at sites with a volcano. (See? I told you my way rules!) Volcanoes in conjunction with other desirable traits aren't very common, so I delve into the Advanced Worldgen parameters to bump the minumum volcanoes from the default 15 to 100!

Just for the worldgen section, I'm switching back to classical ASCII, by the by.

A world with the rather radical variation of that many volcanoes is a little harder to generate, so I dialed the pre-history limit waaay back to only 400 years, and put a cap on concurrent active historical figures. A couple hours later (mostly because I'm EXTREMELY picky when it comes to "ideal" sites) we have an acceptable result: "The Mythical Realms". As before, I'm making the full exported worldmap available for the nutters who care about such a thing: POW. (Mediafire link)

Some snooping around later, and here we are: one of a chain of volcanoes in a normal forested valley. Looks like we've got a good diversity of resources available right off the bat, a stream off on one side, and NICE, NORMAL SURROUNDINGS for a change.

Rifle through a bunch of party names until I run across this gem- The Untamed Machine we shall be!

And this new fort, this nascent bastion of dwarfiness and awesome, shall be known as Peakwind. Doubly fitting because our volcano actually has a fairly sharp and high elevation to it.

Fairly boring stuff here, just starting equipment and provisions. I'm doing the "forge gear on-site" trick again; it's cheaper than actually taking tools. The starting seven are all fairly ordinary stat-wise, I can get a little more intimate once I get around to processing all the named dwarf requests. I'll get to it once we're situated.

Oh lordy that ASCII.

Much better. I copied over the savedata folder into the graphical version's directory before I started the game.

So, rather than a more blow-by-blow approach I took in the previous LP, I'm going to focus more on highlights this time around. Like right now immediately after the first wave of migrants arrived.  The volcano's magma pipe is a bit to our south- don't worry about it just yet, I've got some big plans in mind.  Oh, also- the current version of Dwarf Fortress has this nifty feature where you can dynamically adjust the zoom level on the fly. You may have noticed I've been using that feature since the previous thread. Either way, I'll use the zoom feature mainly when I'm trying to screencap something big.

The basic layout of Peakwind's initial cavern is quite similar to Wallbones. Butcher's shop and refuse pile is to the west, farming with main storage and workshops is in the central area, combined living/sleeping area is to the south, and the trade depot and main entry hall are to the east. One big difference is the traps added to the main entrance hall. After the debacle of Wallbones, I'm going to be much more security-conscious with Peakwind. In addition to gratuitous trap use (yes, including an eventual Gravity Blender or the like) every adult dwarf will carry a weapon and ideally wear some minimal armor. AIN'T NOBODY ****IN' WITH PEAKWIND, YO.
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
*Goblin Siege arrives*
*Everyone dies*

"**** this game"

But nice nice. Looking forward to it all


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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
Yaaaaaay, more! :D
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!

Peakwind shall outshine Wallbones (I hope).
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
I would like to put my name in the hat once again. No preference on profession.
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
I'd like to be a military axedwarf, still.
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
If you're not farming the reincarnation requests for dwarven volunteers, sign me up. I'll take any job, but if you need a suggestion, I'll go stone/metal worker or combat dwarf.


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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
HLP DORFS NEVER DIE! (Unless it's by the droves, in which we line the caverns with our mouldering flesh)
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
Sign me up again-

Combat engineer, (siege/explosives/etc)


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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
I'd love to be dorf'd up. Preferably a mechanic (because gadgets!) but I'll take anything.
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
Not an update (yet).

Just confirming that I do still have the dwarf incarnation requests from the previous thread noted. Here's where we're sitting right now:

PhantomHoover - Jeweller/Doctor
Polpolion - Miner, Cook, Military (retread)
SpardaSon - Axedwarf (retread)
Firespawn (Borin Balrogbait) - Hammerdwarf (retread)
Scourge - Stone/metalworker, Military (retread)
Hobbie - Mechanic
Kobrar - Herbalist, Animal Caretaker (retread)
deathfun - Nopref (retread)
dsockwell - ****cook (irc in-joke, don't worry about it)
DeeJay - Smith (retread)
TrashMan - Military (retread)
redsniper - Nopref (retread)
Dekker - Combat Engineer (retread)

It may be a while before I can get a suitable substrate for everybody, but I'm not the kind of guy that forgets. And also, if you're marked as a retread, expect to see your dwarf have some addition of -son or something to an "incremental" effect appended to your name.
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
You can toss me in again as whatever I was last time around, or whatever else you need if that position winds up taken.


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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
Hey don't forget Gortef/Gortina. I'd be more than happy to be dorfed again without any specific preference. It worked just fine last time, right?

Go Peakwind!
Habeeb it...


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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
If this is just for naming the dwarves, and nothing else, you can throw a Lorric in there if you want. I don't mind what you do with Lorric.


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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
If there's room I'd like to be reincarnated for whatever purpose you need. :)
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
I'm all for the illustrious bone smith / doctor role. A marksdwarf otherwise. :)

I find your rooms to be simplistically interesting, but I don't quite see the advantage of them over carved rooms/cells?
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
Ooh, can I be a part of this one at some point?

On a random, unrelated note: One of the randomly generated names for my latest embark group of dorfs was "The Basement of Virgins."


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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
First order of business,
Ooh, can I be a part of this one at some point?
Yes, but not right this second, because I derped and forgot to add your name to "the list". It's on there now, and I'll get you in during the next session. In the meantime, why not let me know what your preferred profession is?

Resume the session, and some migrants trudge into our territorry. Good- we need the population and manpower, and for once, the fort isn't woefully unprepared for new arrivals.

And some time after the new arrivals, a dwarven caravan shows up. I snag their booze, cheap food, and a few "gems" of rough glass. The glass I get for two reasons: a) it's cheap, and b) there's a possibility that a moody dwarf might want some. Since Peakwind's site does not have sand (one of the site's few flaws, IMO), we'll need to import pure sand or pre-made glass.

Even before the migrants showed up, I started working on more substantial housing arrangements. I've already dug out a diversion of the brook to feed a well and a mini fishing pond. Also, this site has a particular interaction with the graphics pack that I'm finding rather upsetting- rhyolite walls and floors appear identical, and nearly black. Rhyolite is an igneous rock, and a large portion of Peakwind's site is composed of the stone. Fortunately, smoothed rhyolite is actually visible, in stark contrast to whatever insanity designated the rough stone.

Work continues on the living areas, and another wave of migrants arrive. This shot provides a nice clear image of the magma pipe I'm building the fort around. This z-level in particular is the level the lava's surface is at.

I friggin' knew it! We have a good amount of glass on hand.... except this clown wants more green glass, the cheapest type, and the one type I don't have extra of. (sigh) Never simple, is it?

Not wanting to lose the skilled moody glassmaker, I decide to break into the first cavern layer. Unfortunately, careful examination determines that there is no sand in this cavern. Urist McMoody is just going to have to hold out hope for the next caravan to bring some sand.

Some time later, some elves come knocking. In all the meantimes between caravans, I've had PhantomHoover cranking out stoneware trade goods. They aren't worth enough to buy out whole caravans (yet) but the value is more than enough to get useful supplies from any traders.

Lo and behold, the elves actually came through for once! I snap up some cloth, food, and all the sand they have.

Since Urist McMoody's already hogging one glass furnace, I order another one built post-haste. Using some coke leftover from the initial gear forging phase, the dwarves make some more lumps of green glass. Two lumps later, Urist McMoody gets to work.

And I am certainly glad he managed to get his work done! I think the description on this piece speaks for itself. ...except for one detail- a terrarium is functionally the same as a cage, and can be used for displays or traps. I'm using it as a centerpiece in the soon-to-be-unveiled main dining hall.

This is why I sealed off access to the caverns the instant I determined there was nothing useful for us down there. Now I know that a forgotten beast will never leave the fortress gamespace once it shows up, even if the thing eludes the Unit List for a time. I'm wiser now, and the dwarves of Peakwind won't be entering that cavern without a seriously-fortified backdoor to run to.

What's this? Deathfunner's got a big idea.

Somehow fitting that Peakwind's primary doctor would go and make something from bone. I'll use this throne as the "seat of power" for Peakwind's eventual leaders (mayor, Baron, etc), but for now, it'll make another nice centerpiece alongside the artifact terrarium.

Humies! Same drill, unload stone trinkets for food, seeds, booze, and cheap tools.

Let's now take a quick tour of Peakwind's new layout! This view should be familiar- this area was the initial multifunction floor. Going from left to right, we have the garbage heap and the butcher's shops, there's the room that will become the hospital, then we have the main farming area with two plots, then there's the main entrance with a series of stonefall traps behind the main doors. Because of that damned rough rhyolite, the stone around the trade depot is practically invisible, but I assure you it's there. The trade depot can be accessed from inside by a side door and a drawbridge. With a watch-llama out front, I can (hopefully) close off the side door and force ambush squads through the trapped main entrace. More traps are forthcoming, just you wait.

I apologize for the small icon size here, but I wanted to get this floor all in one shot. One level down from the entry area, we have the main productivity floor. Going clockwise from the lower-left corner, we've got a Loom, Clothier's Shop, a Leatherworks, a Forge, two Glass Furnaces, a Carpenter's Shop, Mechanic's Workshop, Craftsdwarf's Shop, and a Mason's Shop. Storage for appropriate raw materials and finished products is near the requisite workshops.

Behold the main living area. Again with the small icons, but there isn't a whole lot to see yet. Difficult to see on the right are the fishing hole and well (cursed rhyolite- I'm planning to have it all smoothed out). Looking left from there we see the main private quarters. Watsisson is in the process of smoothing out the walls and floors here first- it's an unbelievable pain in the arse to place furniture when you can't see the walls. Left of the quarters is the main food stockpile and the food-preparation-related workshops. Down from the food stockpile is the WIP Grand Hall. I'm actually planning on making the hall legitimately awesome- vaulted ceilings, extensive engravings, and windows overlooking a motherthumping volcano's mouth!

* IronBeer cracks knuckles and loosens up neck.
Now I'm going to go through a dossier for each dwarf currently serving in Wallbones. There's a lot of you, but here goes.

Redsniperson is serving as the Coordinator of Peakwind. He's the main administrator, trade broker, and is a pretty serious miner.

Polpolionson is a Digger. He's got no real secondary responsibilities at the moment (which I prefer for miners, actually), but I can keep you a little busier if you'd prefer.

Watsisson is the main Engraver. This position is quite the honor- I try to limit the Engraver roster to just one active dwarf at a time until they hit Legendary status. Wat's already a High Master, so he may be taking on an apprentice soon.

Scourgeson is a Fortifier, a mason/armorsmith combo and one of the starting seven (though he didn't have his name then). There isn't a lot of work for the metalworkers yet (this will change soon), so Scourge has been helping to produce stone furniture.

Caiaphas is on by IRC special request. He's fulfilling his lifelong dream of working stone, but as a Ranger he's also a skilled animal handler and marksdwarf.

Trashson is Peakwind's other Ranger, except that he's going to embrace his desire to fill the fort's enemies full of bolts.

Kobrarson is back as a ladydwarf Plant Processor. Animal Care doesn't really work, so you've got some impressive skills in Animal Training instead. I trust that's non-violent enough for your gentler reincarnation.

Deejayson's back as the Warsmith, combining skills in Weaponcrafting and Siege Engineering. He doesn't get a lot of day-to-day work, but he's really important when we need him.

Deathfunner is the Chief Medical Dwarf of Peakwind, with basic skill in all aspects of medicine and a recent Legendary status in boneworking. Let's hope it helps her patch up hurt dwarves.

Gortefson is back as the sole brodwarf Chemist. His responsibilities encompass working with chemicals, alchemy, soap making, and other "delicate" tasks.

Dsockwell is another IRC special request, and is the ladydwarf head Cook. Though excellently skilled, the other dwarves call her the "****cook", due to her near-compulsive use of an expletive that sounds quite similar to her informal job title.

Lorric is a Digger, primarily a miner with a small selection of random minor skills.

Borin (Firespawn) is a ladydwarf Presser selected for military duty. Though the infrastructure isn't quite there yet, Borin (Borette?) yearns to learn the ways of the hammer.

Hobbie is Peakwind's Gearsmith, the head Mechanic and a skilled Brewer. Also one of the starting seven, though named after the fact.

Dekkerson came to Peakwind as a skilled Siege Operator, but aspires to the status of Combat Engineer. Though there's no work with explosives in Dwarf Fortress, Siege Operator skill combined with a healthy base of Mechanics will fill much the same role: front-line work with traps and highly destructive siege engines.

PhantomHoover is an expert Bone Doctor, and she makes valuable trade goods from stone when there's nobody to fix up.

Z64555 is an expert Surgeon and a hobbyist Carpenter. If you've got an idea for some more jobs to do, speak up.

So, there we are. I also realize at the end of this that I forgot the description for SpardaSon's dwarf. You're in there, pal- I just forgot to get the sceencap, and I'll rectify that next time.

Coming soon: playing with lava!
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
Yes! Update! I'm a gearsmith AND starting seven! Woot!

And I have friends. That's always nice.

Now, for my next project: Lava pipes running alongside the bedrooms of the nobility for... heating purposes. Yep! Gotta be sure our illustrious leaders are kept nice and warm and toasty!

Actually it's probably best if I keep lever-controlled floodgates in each noble room just in case I need to do some emergency maintenance. Oh, and some grates down into the cavern system for a nice view...
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Re: Let's Play some more Dwarf Fortress, HLP!
I'm loving the individual dwarf info! I a woman???