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Here it is.

It sounds...kinda right, but yet not. Maybe for the Gravis Ultrasound or something but I actually HAVE the main theme and it was higher fidelity.
Well, I could always hunt down my CD, rip it (again), and put it on youtube just for maximum authentic nostalgia. ;)
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Best in-game music EVER.

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Great choice. Great music all around actually. The menu music especially.


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I'm pretty fond of this one
Let there be light
Let there be moon
Let there be stars and let there be you
Let there be monsters and let there be pain
Let us begin to feel again
--Devin Townsend, Genesis

I don't know if these will quite fit the criteria, but they're really great anyway:

The Witcher Main Theme (not really pumpy or anything):

Age of Empires 2 Main Theme:

PS:T's main theme:

Shift 2's are also pretty badass:

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Then I just remembered this. Good times.


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Last one is thanks to Blue Planet: War in Heaven. :p
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Clive Barker's Undying:

Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption

Divinity: Dragon Commander
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Alright, I’ve gone through all the new entries. Thanks everyone!

The Doom 3 BFG one is what I’m talking about. That’s the kind of track to get you pumped up! The Jets n Guns one is great, that one has been added to my collection. I like that one a lot, my favourite out of everything that’s been posted.

I might someday try opening up a relaxing/beautiful menu music thread, though I imagine such a thread would become quite vast, since we would be stepping into more typical menu music there. The Dust: an Elysian Trail and To The Moon ones would fit right in in such a thread.

That Witcher one actually does have a bit of pump-up about it once it gets going in the middle. It’s a good track. And the Shift 2 one, wow, wouldn’t have expected to hear something like that in a racer.

Androgeos Exuent, you picked some strange choices to go under “badass”, but it was quite nice to listen to some pleasant music amongst the badass stuff as I went along. The Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 one is pleasant and relaxing. I‘ve added that one to my collection. Same goes for Contemplating the Journey, a very lovely track, which I listened to a second time before moving on. It appeals to me a lot. :)

I’ve got some more to add, the first two don’t really fit the criteria I asked for in the OP, but there have been several others in this kind of mould posted in the thread, which people seem to be done with now anyway, so I think some people might like them. First, Twisted Metal Black:

Rather a fitting menu music track for a game which is brutally hard. Even the developers regret that and say they made the game too hard.

Next, Destruction Derby 2, though it gets OTT after about 1:05 imo:

And finally, Destruction Derby Raw. Now this is a favourite of mine, I’m surprised I didn’t get it in in the first batch. If this one can’t get you pumped up to play the game, I don’t know what will!

And the Shift 2 one, wow, wouldn’t have expected to hear something like that in a racer.

Me neither - The Menu tracks (there ar e... six or eigth of them, not sure) and the victory tracks are alle xcellent. The "Dirty" tracks are not, but they are supposed to be crappy (you hear them once you lose hte race).


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And the Shift 2 one, wow, wouldn’t have expected to hear something like that in a racer.

Me neither - The Menu tracks (there ar e... six or eigth of them, not sure) and the victory tracks are alle xcellent. The "Dirty" tracks are not, but they are supposed to be crappy (you hear them once you lose hte race).

Hm. It sounds like something out of an epic, big budget action adventure or RPG.


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Warning, you will never get this music out of your head.
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