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Hi everyone.

The Menu is not a place you normally associate with "badass" music. There are some really gentle, soothing, relaxing, gorgeous pieces of menu music out there. But that's potentially another topic for another day, that's not what I'm after. I'm after menu music that gets you pumped up!

I was recently playing Rage Racer for PS1, and that's got some excellent imo menu music which I will share:

I advise avoiding the Youtube embedder, as a thread like this could fill up with them pretty quickly and cause the problems the last video game music related thread fell victim to.

So, people, badass menu music! please share!!! :D


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"Galatea" and "Aquitaine" from FS1/2 certainly count, but let's cast a somewhat wider net.

WH40k: Dawn of War Main Theme

Battlezone (1998) Main Theme

Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark Main Theme

There's plenty more, even among those I can think of, but I'd prefer to leave some room for other posters.
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Ridiculous, the Director's Cut

Starlancer Head Animations - Converted


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Deus Ex
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Excellent music choices so far, I'm glad to see my personal favorite Battlezone (1 and 2 were ahead of their time in my opinion, from gameplay perspective).

A easy recent example is XCOM: Enemy Unknown's menu music (takes a bit to build up), as well as Planescape Torment's, Earth 2150, perhaps particularly Lost Souls due to theme. Those are just from the top of my head.

Though it may be a little hard to completely correctly define a 'badass' sound/theme as it depends on style too I think. For instance, the Age of Empires 1 menu music is very evocative and contains lots of nostalgia to me while it might not do as much for those who haven't played the game when young.
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Ground Control

Hell, all the music from Ground Control is badass.


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Far Cry: Blood Dragon has some really cool music, in the menus and in the game

Here's the main menu music
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And subsequently Killzone 3



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:D fkin classic! and of course....


pretty engaging when i first started it up
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Unreal Tournament, Ground Control 2, Front Mission 5 and BF1942 are definitely my favorites.

And both Generals, obviously.


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I’ve listened to all the linked menu music, thanks for all those. They’re good, but not quite what I was looking for, I was looking for music to get me fired up, which you don’t usually get from the menu. Faster tempo, which is atypical for menu music. Though maybe they do fire you who posted them up. Don’t let that stop you posting them though either way. These tracks have a more “typical” menu music feel to them, they evoke a sense of gravity and atmosphere, put me into a serious and focused mindset, rather then getting me pumped up. They have that slow build to them. A couple evoke a sense of dread, I thought the Quake One one was going to be a pump up track, but then that one did the dread thing. The Quake III one might be the closest to what I’m looking for. It’s still been interesting listening to them. The Max Payne III one is different, not because of it being a pump-up track, just because of what it is. I like it.

That very last one though, Ground Control 2… I’m liking that one, that’s a stirring piece alright. And then it goes to the slow and serious part. I think I’m going to add that one to my collection, I’ll just listen to it some more first.

Let me add a couple more to the mix, the first one has a bit of both, it’s got that slow build and gravity, and it’s got the “pump-up” factor. The second is a more “pump-up” style piece.


Dynasty Warriors 5:

Again, let me advise it’s not good filling up a topic with Youtube embeds, it slows everything down.


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The Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Main Menu theme, which I can't seem to find. :\

And the Angels Fall First: Planetstorm Menu Theme from the old UT3 Branches. It is so awesome, the BP guys *Ahem* used it for a bit. I can't find it either. :\\


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Here it is.

It sounds...kinda right, but yet not. Maybe for the Gravis Ultrasound or something but I actually HAVE the main theme and it was higher fidelity.

The theme from the Fury missions certainly is.
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Identical for Doom 3 and Doom 3 BFG.


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