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I find myself odly missing from real action lately.
Infiltration sucks.
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Star will eventually take that over, once I manage to dig out the spare Meld to give him some augs.
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Trash needs extraction again.

All right. What's the status on the second Paladin?

Ready to go. We also have SHIVs ready if wanted.

And the particle beam prototype?

Doctor Shen says that's still not ready.

All right. Send both Paladins. Tell them I want a field test of the Plasma Rifle we recovered during the base raid, too.

Operation Purple Spark, Northern France,
Deployed: Admiral "Marauder" Ralwood (MEC-3, Mission Commander), Micheal "Gipsy D" Sanderson (MEC-3), The "Psycho" E (assault), Euclidean "Spitfire" Geometry (assault), Polpolion "Polly" (support), Droid803 "Scotch" (support)
On-site Personnel: Trashman "Walker"

"Trash, this is Strike, we're on the ground south of your position. Say status."

"I'm safe where I'm at now, but there's Exalt troops on the road."

"Roger. Coming to you."

"Contact! Six Exalt on the road!"

"Firing-damn, he's still up."

"He's hurting though, more than my guy."

"Target down."

"Damn! Missed the target."

"No hit-oh-"


Reactive Targeting Sensors counterfire. It failed.

"Assaults and MECs, sound off!"

"Gipsy D is damaged but able to continue."

"Marauder is good to go."

"Spitfire, armor held, barely."

"Psycho, paintjob only. No meaningful impairment of armor."


"Plasma fire ahead-Trash, was that you?"

"Affirm.  I have a good shot at their back silhouettes from the work lights when they move, but once they hunker down again I lose them."

"Armor holding, minor damage."

"Ht him, he's still up. Damn light rifles just don't have the punch anymore."

"Swing and a miss, genius."

"No complaints about the heavy though!"

"Yes, because hiding behind an explosive vehicle will do you such good. Firing." Collateral Damage causes cars and the like to blow up in the same turn it's used on them, making for hilarity.

"Target down."


"All right, folks, you know the drill. Gather round. Popping Mist."

"Welcome in from the cold, Trash."

"Can we just do this crap and go home? I'm going to catch a cold in this damn rain."

"Contact! Two Exalt!"

"Firing." Collateral Damage again

"Target terminated."

"This is for all the hours I've been sitting in the damn rain!"

"Got another pair moving in!"

"A sudden case of PLASMA FACE got you down?"

"Closing in-target is history."

"Got another pair flanking the exit area."


"You goddamn maniac, firing suppressive!"

"Poor aim. Target is negated." Pump Action Laser SHOTGUNS!

"Firing on hostile-damn! He soaked it!"


"Jesus, Trash. Get on the Skyranger and change if it bugs you this much."

"We got one left. Move out and find him."

"Found him. He's down."

Trash, having killed three people this mission, meant that we got the "Remington...Max Remington" achievement for killing three people with the infiltrator and their pistol. And I still haven't even gotten the pistol damage upgrade. At this point a nickname change seems pretty appropriate. Trash, pick one, something to do with pistols!

All that, and Trash didn't even get the cold he thought he would. He's been temporarily withdrawn from infiltration duty at his own request; Exalt is by all accounts badly damaged and there's only one cell left that we know of. StarSlayer has volunteered to pick up the slack, but also volunteered for the first Gene Aug attempt, so resumption of operations against Exalt is waiting on that.
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UFO over the United States; scramble Hobbie and tell him to pack the Plasma Beams.

Central, Hobbie, splash one. Plasma beams worked a charm. Bird is pretty beat up.  Inform LAX I need a runway. UFO looked pretty big, didn't recognize it.

Scramble Sky and the ready team. Ralwood has the Particle Beam?

Shen cleared it for field use, he does.

Operation Cold Stallion, Angeles National Forest, United States, 9:30pm, July 4th
Deployed: Admiral "Marauder" Ralwood (MEC-3, Mission Commander), Euclidean "Spitfire" Geometry (assault), The "Psycho" E (assault), Polpolion "Polly" (support), Mongoose "Strobe" (heavy), Droid803 "Scotch" (support)

"That's an EXALT gun, Mongoose."

"They're lighter than ours. The only Heavy Plasma we have is being repaired, and the Commander's been curious for a combat report on the Exalt weapons."

"This is a big one. Big engines, rear ramp."

"Mechtoid and-Red Sectoid!"

"Firing! Hit! Hit! Target down!"

"The other alien-what the hell is it doing?"

Strike, Central, warning, warning, Euclid's vitals just went wonky.


"We got another set on the outside!"

"Take down that red bastard!"


"Dammit, Paladin's still working. Permission to fire on the alien power core Central!" I didn't even realize that Close Combat Specialist conferred multiple reaction shots. Now I know.

Permission granted Ralwood.

"Firing. Target negated."

"What...what happened?"

"You shot us. Alien did something to you."

"Ow! Dammit!"

"Mechtoid incoming! He's hurt but still up!"

"Mutons rolling up! No hit!"

"Firing! Berserker is still up!"

"Sectoid down!"

"Firing particle beam!"

" blew a hole straight through him."

"Firing rapid-two hits, target down!"

"We got trouble-firing!"


"MEC is okay. Got some yellow lights. Returning fire! Damn, miss!"

"He missed."

"Got something new! Look like fully cybered-up Floaters!"



"Target hit!"

"He's still up, but he's hurting!" The Droid derped his Intimidate resist roll. Panicked. Shot a different target, took it down. So much for Intimidate working out well!

"Target stunned!"

"Floaters incoming!"

"Missed me-Damn! Armor holding!"

"He's hurt, but he's still fighting!"

"Winged him!"

"Negative stun, negative stun!"

"Rapid firing! Hit! Hit! Target down!"

"Damn! I got a red light on my armor seals, but I'm still okay!"

"Positive stun! He's sleeping!"

"Popping Mist."

"Sec Commanders!"

"Dammit, missed him!"


"I'm fine."

Strike, Central, confirm. Ralwood's vitals are normal.

"Negative hit! Both of them! Dammit, that might have screwed with my electronics."

"Rapid firing. Hit. Hit! Target down!"

"Negative stun!"

"I got you. Target down."

"Got this. Firing-damn missed!"

"Rapid firing-dammit! Second shot was a miss!"

"Firing particle beam."

"Jesus christ, guess he didn't need his lower body."


"Take it easy people, they can't strangle you through your Titan armor."

"Decloaking-he shot me!"


"Pistol strength plasma blast. Armor is holding."

"Cloaker down!"

"Move up to the command center-CLOAKER! FIRING!"

"Command center is empty. We got them all."

"Anybody hurt? Polly, check everyone."

"No. Some of the Titan suits are pretty beat up, but we're good."

Strike, Central, you took a lot of fire. Confirm no injuries.

"Confirm, Central."

Perfect mission. Almost everyone takes a hit, Euclid shoots friendlies, plasma everywhere. Nobody gets hurt. Amazing.That sensation of winning is always a risky one to trust, but still. We really do seem to be winning.

The new "Heavy" Floaters didn't trigger quite the same soul-searching the original ones did among us, but there's probably stuff we can learn from them.

There will be a non-story post for the reference of IronBeer or anyone else who wants to write stuff about the MEC program and the alien cybernetics. StarSlayer is getting the Depth Perception and Muscle Fiber Density gene mods to complement the Damn Good Ground perk.
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HLPX-COM: Enemy Within (Autospies and Incredible Recombinant StarSlayer)

Mechtoid File

Floater File

Heavy Floater File

Seeker File

Cyberdisc File


Should be done...Star, nod if you can hear me.

Good. Draining the tube of Meld. Star, how do you feel?

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OOC: If the "sleeveless gene-aug armor" is irritating, there is a mod available that puts those troopers back into normal armor. Just a thought.

Professional log: Dr. Vincent "IronBeer" Zokus
July 5, 2015 - Entry #20
Still poring over the intel and artifacts our operatives recovered from the Alien base in Russia. Much of the recovered technology is the stuff of dreams- robot parts, blueprints, alien genetic catalogs.... But even more of the technology is the stuff of nightmares- I can't believe they tried the infamous "open chest" experiment again, and I am NOT going to repeat the litany of horrors that's so well-documented in our other research logs.

Barely had time to get majorly cracking on anything new, and HLPX-COM's field operatives go and drag in a supply ship. By now it's been well-established that the MEC-3 exosuit performs spectacularly, and once again Dr. Shen has outdone himself with the Particle Cannon. The MEC project team is still working to integrate some design cues from the Mechtoid suit. Even within our current design paradigms of ceramic, titanium, and composites, Raymond and his engineers are very confident that they can improve armor strength and improve the exosuit's mobility. I *still* think we could push the program even further if the Commander would authorize our use of Xenalloys, but he just won't budge, citing "resource requirements". No point in really hiding my thoughts on THAT reasoning since I've seen the proposed designs for an alien-inspired superfighter- the amount of Xenalloy used in an AEROSPACE FIGHTER is tiny! How could a simple exosuit be so demanding? Whatever. I'll drive myself nuts or into a shallow unmarked grave if I keep making a stir around here- camaraderie or not, this is a Superblack operation.

Against my intuition, the Commander did go ahead and authorize the genemodding project. While I'm not at the head of it, I'm double-dipping as a Meld consultant. Need I even point out the absurdity of having a human "expert" on alien nanomachinery? Well, for what it's worth, we're pretty much certain the material is "safe", and gene splicing is conceptually not that far removed from what we've done with nerve interfaces and tissue sealing. The challenge, of course, is in the scale of application and in convincing the xenogenic DNA to propagate throughout the patient's targeted tissues. StarSlayer stepped forward as the first volunteer. She's getting some fairly "tame" genemods: superdense leg muscle fibers, and enhanced visual acuity and depth perception. Star's ....augmentation should be completed soon- need to go over the latest round of tests with the GeneAug team again.

Now for a couple of personal notes/comments.

First, and I alluded to this earlier: why has nobody stopped to think about just how ****ing WEIRD it is that the aliens' biochemistry is based on DNA? I really hope the answer is "parallel", like my answer to the Mechtoid design question. The alternatives are just about unconscionable. Most gallingly, pretty much any of them would mean that one weird guy with the crazy hair from a few years back would have been right, if for totally wrong reasons.

Secondly, the EXALT laspistol performs quite nicely. I'll even give those over-swagged thugs some credit for the revolver-styled design. Their lasing elements run hotter than ours, but obviously rotating them enhances heat dissipation, much like our own gatling lasers. One of Dr. Shen's engineers even spared a couple of hours to swap out any obviously frail components for me- I could easily smack somebody around with the gun and not throw anything out of alignment. Also learned a few tricks about laser marksmanship from Trashman. Biggest thing I had to adapt to was the need for a laser pulse to "charge" for a bit before it actually fires. I just need to make a more conscious effort to stay on target- my cybernetic arm has been an incredible boon for my firing stability. Though I do still want to cauterize some sectoids for Deathfun, the more rational part of my brain hopes that never does come to pass.
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Ridiculous, the Director's Cut

Starlancer Head Animations - Converted

I didn't even realize that Close Combat Specialist conferred multiple reaction shots. Now I know.[/sub]

fundamental theorem of the assault class: if they can shoot more times in a turn, they will
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Good. Draining the tube of Meld. Star, how do you feel?

Like I want to exercise my Right to Bare Arms...

Sorry, I had something suitably historic lined up about "casting aside humanity to defeat monsters" but I just looked down and realized I must look like I was decanted from a vat of Original Listerine and historic went out the ejection port.  Seriously Commander, I think I need some Type III shoulder and thigh armour, otherwise the sight of my deltoids might make ET **** his pants. 

Doc Vahlen please remind me what augs I received?  I'm a little fuzzy after floating in the bacta tank for so long.
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Depth Perception and Muscle Fibre Density. Here I am, brain the size of a planet cockpit, and they leave me to remember what bits of the aliens they glued to you.
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Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and sniper vision?  Muy Bueno.  Sign me up for Mimetic Skin when it becomes available, I want to treat every piece of cover as an excuse to disappear.
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It's on The ListTM, although at this point I'm starting agree with Ironbeer about the need to mod the armor type out. It really does bug me.

I'll be running the Base Defense sometime tomorrow, then Deluge where we meet our guaranteed psyker.
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Base Defense Mission (110 pictures, abandon hope)
The Commander's Geneva trip is going pretty well, he said last communication...the hologlobe just flickered.

What the hell's going on? Somebody get me a status report on the base systems.

Sir! I have multiple reports of sabotage!

Base security is going down! All personnel, security status red-

What the hell did you do?

Answer me! Dammit!

Sir! We have multiple traces, motion and heat, approaching the base on the ground!

Lock everything down!

Locking down-Delta section is not responding! Main door is open!

Dammit, get me internal comms! Delta, can you hear me?

"Central! This is Sanderson."

Sanderson, thank god. Whoever's going to hit us, they're coming your way. They've sealed the internal doors; base security is fighting them on the surface but some of them got past. We have signals in the air ducts and fliers coming through the south entrance. You've got to hold them there or we could lose the whole base. We're trying to get the doors open so we can send you reinforcements.

"Copy. Talk to me people, who's here?"

"I got my Paladin and the Particle Beam. Where's your P-beam?"

"Other side of the damn base. I had to suit up and grab what was handy. Irina, that you?"


"I have a Base Security fire team."

"Okay. Stay down. We've got the heavy armor, we'll take the hits. Clean up what we wound."


"Target down! We got Sectoids and Mechtoids dropping in!"

"Cavalry's arrived! I picked up a couple of Base Security guys, but Central says they'll need time to reroute the power and get the doors open again."

"Star! Deal with that Mechtoid on our flank."

"Copy. Target terminated. Engaging second-damn, he's still up."

"I have him. He's down, going for the other-damn, held on!"

"That one's ours."

"Good shooting soldier!"

"Sectoid down."

"Minor scorching. He's asking for it."

"Boroto! Watch the equipment bay and make sure nobody sneaks up on us."


"Sectoid down!"

"Jesus, there's nothing left..."

"Sectoid Commander!"


"****, no response. Drop that red!"

"Target down. Mike, talk to me."

"I'm good. Red with the mind****ery?"


"We got stuff dropping in the Bay! Chryssalid!"

"Target down!"

"One on the second level, need help here!"


"Frag out!"

"Thanks guys." Base Security saved Star's ass.

"We'll back you up."

"Got a red-****! Who'd he-"

"One of the base security girls. Take him out."

"We got hostiles moving in from the rear guardpost. I hear jets and Cyberdisc agrav, nothing else. Probably fliers."

"Killing the Sectoid Commander."

"Firing line for secondary command center!"


"Returning fire-No hit!"

"Target negated."

"Second incoming-target down!"

"No hit!"

"Target negated."



"Paladin functional, returning fire. Target hit."

"Dropping the hostile."

"Drone down!"

"Popping Mist."

"We have Mutons in the engineering area!"

"Copy! Redeploy."

"Firing at a Berserker-damn, still up."

"Even the P-Beam has limits."

"Firing. He's still up."

"Dammit, I just patched that! Returning fire-no hit."

"I'm hit. Minor damage. Returning fire-no hit."

"At least you missed me, careful Ral!"

"Damn! They're really mad about me."

"Popping a mine-he just charged through it!"

"Firing! Miss-HIT! Target is down!"

"Damn, no hit!'

"Target down!" Base Security gets its fourth kill, qualifying us for the All Hands On Deck achievement. Much respect for these guys; with Kevlar, ballistics, and fraggers they still got enough kills two of them would have made Squaddie if they were actual soldiers.

"Firing-no hit. Micheal!"

"No ammo; going CQC."

"Leave me alone you green-suited bastards. Damn, missed him."

"Hostile cloakers! Target down!"

"Floater-firing! Good kill."

"Damn, miss. Security got two good hits."


"Armor holding."


"Stunning target; target down."

"Those Chryssalids are moving around-"

"Target negated."

"Second target down."

"Movement, IR traces."

Sanderson, Bradford. The aliens just pushed through on the surface. We have a mixed squad in the main elevator, coming your way. We got the main blast doors working at your level, so they're not getting any lower.

"Copy Central. We'll take 'em. Gather round, folks, popping Mist."

"I hear movement...Chyrssalid, agrav units. Firing line at the ramp, people. Security take the left flank."

"They're coming."

"Yeah. We should mine the ramp."

"Hostile! Firing!"

"Second target!"

"Damn, I didn't even get the change to sight in on those."

"Firing-little bastard, stay still! GOT IT!"

"Checking the top of the ramp-woah! Got two Reds and a cyberdisc!"

"Firing mines. Dammit Ral, get out of there!"

"Red down. You're welcome, Ral."

"He triggered a mine-damn! Returning fire! Miss."

"Get back here before they blow your face off!"

"Cyberdisc down. Get more mines out."

"Done-MECHTOID! Firing!"

"You get him?"

"I heard a shield hit. Laying mines."

"Jesus, you think we killed them all with that chain-reaction?"

"No way. Move up, careful."

"Cyberdisc. Target down."

"Got a Drone."

"I have him-target down."

"Jesus, watch where you point that thing!"

"I hear an agrav unit behind us..."

"Irina, Star, take the rookies. Secure the lift. Ral, let's go find that noisy bastard."

"Just a drone. He's history. Central, Ralwood, Delta section is secure. Requesting update."

Delta, this is Central. Phantom managed to override the hanger lockdowns and get airborne, the plasma beam close air support turned the surface battle around. Base security and some of the regulars have the surface buildings locked down tight. We read no hostiles remaining inside the base. The hangers are across from you and open; secure them and we'll get Scotty in his Interceptor as well and deal with the remaining hostiles.

"Confirm Central. Moving out to the hanger."
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You're going to be all right, soldier. Hang in there.

Doctor Vahlen, how is he?

He will recover, and more importantly he seems free of alien control.

Doctor, if they could do this once...

Yes, but it does not explain the lack of a nearby controlling alien. Nor have the aliens demonstrated the ability to control more than a single person at once.

If they could have done this earlier, they undoubtedly would have. Letting us build our forces this strong and make the technical advancements we have when they could have done this all along would be more foolish than their technology allows.

Sir! We have comms back up. The Commander is on the line!

Bradford! Report.

The aliens hit the base, sir. We held them off. Some casualties and damage but nothing to prevent operations. The strike teams are intact.

How's the Skyranger?

Just finishing repairs.

EXALT apparently openly attacked the aliens staging the assault on the base, and stole whatever made the attack possible. The aliens chased them down in France and attacked them back. Get a team out there and find out what they stole

Yes sir!


Operation Driving Calm (Deluge), Marseille, France,  5:50pm
Deployed: Micheal "Gipsy D" Sanderson (MEC-3, mission commander), Admiral "Marauder" Ralwood (MEC-3), Trashman "Walker" (sniper), StarSlayer "Tiradora" (sniper), Irina "Casino" Ignatyeva (heavy), Polpolion "Polly" (support)

"Damn's up ahead...****, the aliens strafed it."

"Yeah...the structure doesn't look stable."

"Pucker factor."

Strike, Central, the floodgate valves are on the surface of the damn. If you can open them, it should buy you some time.

"Move out people, we need to find that truck."

Strike, we have aliens coming in!

"Firing. Target down."

"Target terminated."

"Opening the valves; should buy us some time."

"Thin Men!"

"Dropping the target."

"Got a dead guy in a business suit, cartridge casings. Exalt was here."

"Other Thin Man down."

"Stuff dropping! Sectoids and Mechtoids! Firing!" Awfully Dead Alien Syndrome ensues.

"Pol, drop that Mechtoid."

"Firing-target terminated."

"You know, these things are murderous overkill for Sectoids."

"Like plasma weapons on civilians?"

"Exactly like that."

"Got another valve open."

"More of them! Target down!"

"Prioritize, dammit! Sectoids are nothing! Firing!"

"Finishing it off."

"Firing on last Sectoid."

"More Thin Men."

"Oh, are you serious? Returning fire."

"I guess you ARE serious."

"Mutons! Firing! Target down!"

"No hit!"

"Enjoy the ride."

"No hit-damn, this one is harder to kill than the Mutons. Firing again-target down!"

"Keep moving people, we're against the clock!"

"Truck in sight!"

"Mechtoids and Sectoids! Firing on target!"

"Winged the Mechtoid while he dropped, but no shot!"

"Firing on far Mechtoid. Target down."

"Mechtoid down."

"Activating flamethrower. Sectoid is history."

"There's the truck, move in!"


"Human, guns down, guns-**** she's running for it!"

"Trash, she's headed your way! Fire and miss! YOU! STOP!"

"You don't understand, I have to get away! Leave me ALONE!"

"The **** was that? She's the freaking Black Canary!"

" killed them? The aliens, you killed them!"

"It's what we do lady. There's nobody standing here who hasn't brought down at least twenty of 'em."

"Take me with you."
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Man Page 12 is turning into Homeric sized epic, takes like a minute to load :D

Funny story, when this mission popped on my play through I had an operative on a counter insurgency mission at the time.  The particular trooper I had been using for these Ops looked early similar to Annette.  So much so that when Durand jumped out of the truck at first I assumed it was my operative who had been made, captured by Exalt and they had turned into a Psyker.
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Collateral Damage causes cars and the like to blow up in the same turn it's used on them, making for hilarity.

It's a beautiful thing isn't it

Now, for my tl;dr post which I felt inclined to write about the base assault. My bad about the length, couldn't stop writing

An explosion echoed throughout the hallway. I stopped immediately and turned around to see one of the security personnel form the same confused look I did. His hand shot towards his radio when the lights began to flicker after a second explosion sounded its way throughout the hallway.

It was closer than the first, the vibrations coursing their way past my body.

The base security fellow pulled out his sidearm from the holster on his right leg and yelled at me before running off towards the explosion. A third explosion rang out again causing the lights themselves to simply shut off shortly being replaced by the ominous red of the emergency lights. The base alarm pierced the air disorienting me as it bounced off the walls and into my eardrums.

Unsure of what to do, I started to run down the hall. Wasn't this the same direction that the guard went? No, that was the other way... wasn't it?

I reached the corner and peered around it. Nothing. My mind kept going back to the look on the guard's face, nearly white with fear. With the entire world that I know having been turned upside down, this was the last thing I needed. The base was told to me as being secure and completely secret. No way anyone could ever figure out where we were.

Sounds of gunfire were growing louder as I approached the next corner, still pushing towards it. Why was I pushing towards it? I should be running the complete opposite way.

Slowly, I walked down the hallway hugging the wall as best as possible. Just a few more feet...

The guard I saw earlier came into view walking backwards, his pistol firing rounds one after the other frantically. His eyes turned to meet my own, a distraction that ended up being fatal. Several green bolts ripped into his right side causing him to spin around. He fell down right in front of me, his torso torn apart. I wanted to yell out in terror, but I was speechless. His limp head was just staring back at me, blood staining most of it.

The sound of footsteps snapped me back to reality. I had to get out of here. Looking down again at the guard, I saw that his pistol was still clenched tightly in his hand.

"Sorry" It seemed like a silly thing to say to someone who was missing a great portion of his body, but it seemed like the right thing to do. His grip on the pistol was eventually freed with some effort. I've never fired one of these before let alone handled one.

I was about to make my way back down the hallway when the sound of footsteps had stopped. Like a curious child, I peered my head slowly around the corner.

There it was. This small, fragile grey creature with bronze eyes. It was inspecting one of the bodies, probably checking to see if it would suddenly jump up and kill it. Curious really, it seemed almost as though it was the first time it was so close to a human before.

Without warning, the little grey creature looked up down the hall. A bullet ripped through its skull, puke coloured blood spraying over the wall and pooling on the floor. One of the wounded soldiers still had a little fight in him yet. Instinctively, I came out from the corner and rushed past the now dead alien coming up to the soldier's side. His head moved to the side and a smirk formed on his face. I guess he wasn't expecting any of the civilians on the base to be going in the direction of the fight. I knelt down beside him only to realize that his abdomen had been mutilated as if by an animal. His head flopped down, blood trailing out from his mouth. No pulse... he was dead.

This can't be happening to me. Not now, not ever. Thoughts bombarded my mind, the emotions slowly becoming uncontrollable. I sat down beside the guard and looked up at the red lit ceiling of the hallway. Tears started to swell up in my eyes blurring my vision. Why was this happening to me?

My concentration was broken by one of the bodies. Did that thing just move? Wiping my eyes, I strained to see not far down the hall. Must've been my imagination.

It moved again. My hand grabbed the pistol I had placed on the ground and pointed it towards the corpse. The arm jerked to the side and his legs twitched a bit. His body shot up, head cocked to the side rolling around as he elevated himself. My mind raced as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. How is this possible? The sudden thought of the dead guard directly beside me awaking from his own death brought me to my feet without hesitation. I started to back away slowly, aiming the pistol towards the dead man walking.

His head rolled towards me, the empty eyes attacking the very fiber of my being. The sudden pull of the trigger startled me, the bullet ripping through his shoulder. He kept approaching me hardly noticing that he had been shot. I pulled the trigger again, missing by a good foot. Concentrate Elise I told myself. My feet stopped and I tried to focus down the sights of the pistol. Again I fired another shot, this time hitting his arm. Another shot rang out from the barrel of the pistol striking him on the cheek causing the guard to stumble back a bit. The head, I need to focus on the head. More confidently, two shots in quick succession. The first missed, but the second struck his torso opening up his chest a little bit.

Something was moving inside of him. The thought of what had happened to this man started to creep inside my mind and it terrified me. I unloaded everything I could into the dead man, the clicking sound of an empty magazine creating panic. He just wouldn't die, his walking just never stopped! Fear invaded every synapse of my brain, rational thought was simply non-existent. I wanted to run, to get away, but all I could do is stare at the empty eyes of what was once a living person.

His feet shuffled towards me, driven by some primal urge. They stopped suddenly. I did too, though I can't say I know why. He dropped to his knees and almost looked a little pained as his head looked up at me. I wasn't prepared for the dead soldier to start vomiting all over the blood stained floor. His spine shot upwards as he began twitching violently, blood still flying around his body in all directions.

The soldier let out an inhuman cry unlike anything I've ever heard before two long blades burst out of his rib cage. I was taken aback at the sight of this. Never before have I seen something so... visceral, so vivid in my life. The creature continued to make its way out of the now completely mutilated husk of a man with what seemed only like blind rage.

I didn't stick around any longer. Bolting back past the guard I saw get shot not moments ago I rounded the corner nearly slipping on the floor. Another cry echoed throughout the hallway sending a shiver down my spine as I quickened my pace. I knew if I were to lose even a step, it could mean my life.

I wasn't wrong. The claws from the creature were rapid but growing louder behind me. Don't look back, keep running. That was the only thing I could think of right now. Keep running. My legs weren't used to the strain I was putting them through, but the adrenaline kept them from giving out. It wasn't long before I reached the second corner to the hallway I was in when this whole situation began. Hell, I hardly noticed the fact that the alarms were still blaring, the sound unable to drown out the ever increasing scratch of the claws behind me.

A sharp pain shot across my back sending me sprawling towards the ground. My face met the cold floor where terror completely took over my body. The creature that erupted from that man's chest had closed the distance with frightening speed. I laid there in shock trying to piece together the events. Time felt like it was frozen as death seemed inevitable at this point.

I mustered what strength I had to roll my body over so that I may see the grotesque being that was about to claim my life and use me as yet another husk for its own. It was standing over me, this bluish purple creature with four bladed legs. The spikes on his body ended in glowing orange tips which seemed to pulsate as the creature simply looked at me with its soulless yellow eyes. Two mandibles moved like antenna as it inspected my body from the head down, its two arms ending in hands with long vicious claws hovering above my torso. I noticed blood dripping from the one on the right... I guess that was what hit me in the back. Saliva dripped from its mouth; the warm liquid forming pools on my tattered clothes.

It was the face of death I was staring at. Pure terror in the form of some disgusting creature that seemed to act on instinct rather than any form  of thought. My eyes closed as I thought about whether or not I'd still be a form of alive as I became the walking corpse I saw not a minute earlier.

Over the alarm I heard a similar sound being fired. Not that of the pistol I used, but of alien origin. Through my fading vision I could see green bolts flying above me tearing apart the creature. It went down with ease, a burnt pile of flesh twitching here and there. I strained my head to see what had saved me from a gruesome demise.

She was wearing black armour and carrying a large glowing rifle. Beside her was another man in similar dress rushing towards me holding a red device. I couldn't quite make out what he was trying to say to me as my mind began to wander and black took over my vision. There was however, a certain comforting bit to it. I felt as though I was going to be alright and that this mess was over.

I'm unsure of what happened after that. The poison had found its way through my bloodstream and my body couldn't keep itself going.

Images began to come to me, a man smoking a cigar on a bench enjoying the view. He turned to me and smiled as though he knew me and I knew him. My feet shuffled nervously towards the bench, the man still looking at me with his disarming smile. There was a certain amount of comfort that overwhelmed me as I got closer as though my body knew that everything was going to be okay. I was a mere few feet away from him when he spoke to me.

"It's not your time yet Elise". Without another word, he turned his head back towards the view and took another puff of his cigar.

Blackness overtook me again, but I could hear the distant sound of voices calling to me from afar.

My entire body shot upwards as the medic stabbed my heart with an adrenaline needle. I inhaled instinctively, filling my lungs with the stench of the creatures corpse before falling back down to the bloody floor. I could feel myself being lifted into the air and carried with purpose down the hallway. The lady nearby kept firing away with her rifle cursing the existence of anything that were struck by the green bolts it let loose.

Everything in my body told me that it was time to rest. Once again, I closed my eyes and thought about that man on the bench. Even in death, he was still with me, guiding me.


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Gonna give people a chance to catch up/post for a day or two now.
"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

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Okay, I guess people LIKE long loading times!

So, what about Annette?

"She's coming along decent enough. Designated marksman, started her with the old ballistics. Laser doesn't kick but plasmas do. Trash says she's acceptable."


"Doctor Vahlen will throw a fit, she's our only known link to the psychic things."

Not what I asked, Ignatyeva. You three have been at this longer than anyone. Is she deployable?

"She's still pretty green. Discipline's not so great."

"In a Titan suit? We could take a civilian into battle and I give better than fifty-fifty they'd live if we're careful."

"She's eager for it, I will admit that much. We all have our reasons to be here but the amount of raw anger Annette can summon about the aliens is impressive even by our standards."

You really think you can take her out and bring her back, Sanderson?

"Yes sir."

All right. Give some of the less-experienced folks exercise too, and Trash; he's been itching for some field action. Assemble a ready team for the next op.


Operation Flying Savior, Manchester, United Kingdom, 3:43pm
Deployed: Micheal "Gipsy D" Sanderson (MEC-3, mission commander), Trashman "Walker" (sniper), Euclidean "Spitfire" Geometry (assault), Droid803 "Scotch" (support), Annette Durand (sniper), Gortef (support)

Terror attack in the UK, sir. Manchester.

Scramble the ready team and the Interceptors. Coordinate with MoD.

Central, this is Scotty. ETA on Sky?

Sky is five minutes out Scotty.

We think we've gotten them all Central. The plasma beams made a real difference. Number 8 Squadron's Sentries have no unknown contacts in UK airspace and neither do we. Can you confirm?

Central confirms no unknown contacts in UK airspace. Sky, you are clear all the way in. Main concentration of aliens is reported near Manchester Airport, but the Army is moving in with tanks to contain them. We've been asked to deal with a group hitting people trying to flee on one of the major highways.

"Okay people, you've all practiced this. Annette, stick close to Trash, he's one of our best snipers so he knows what he's doing. I get it's personal for you and I respect that. But if you do anything crazy I am sticking the Paladin's boot right up your ass, and that ain't gonna be pretty considering the size."

"I understand, Colonel."

"Okay folks, move out!"

"Got hostiles, Cyberdisc and drones!"

"Damn, missed him!"

"Merde! No hit!"

"Target terminated. Engaging second. Target also terminated. Someday you'll grow up to be like me, Annette."

"The Paladin boot up the ass is unisex, Trash. Don't make me consider using it."

"Heavy Floaters, two of them!"

"Firing! Hit-target is still moving."

"Finished the target for you."

"Target is dead." Check the civilian hiding out next to Mike.

"Hostiles moving in, Mutons!"

"No Particle Beam hit."

"Winged one with the pistol."

"Firing! Target down! Take that you bastards."

"You don't have sound like you're getting off on it Annette."

"And what if I am, hmm?"

"I am never going to forgive you for starting this tangent, Droid. Ever."

"No hits!"

"See, you even threw Trash off his game! Firing on target."

"I've got it."

"Good shooting Gortef."

"Go for the ship, go!"

"You heard the lady, get the **** out of here!"

"Hostile spotted, firing-damn he's still up!"

"Annette, if you'd care to do the honors?"

"With pleasure, Colonel. Alien dead."

"You HAD to say that-"

"Droid, be quiet. Sky, Strike, give me a read. We have any active plasma weapons that ain't us around?"

Negative Strike. You look clear.

Annette's first mission went pretty well. Irina's right though, she's got a rage issue about the aliens. Takes orders well enough, her comms discipline is a little sloppy...Doctor Vahlen's coming this way.

I'm going to catch some hell here in a moment I expect. Back later.
"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

A Feddie Story


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So as a total n00b to the game, is Annette supposed to be someone who's a previous abductee?  Or do we not know that yet?


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So as a total n00b to the game, is Annette supposed to be someone who's a previous abductee?  Or do we not know that yet?

She's kinda an abductee, or rather, you remember that military convoy, French, that got bushwhacked by EXALT?

They did it to get Annette.
"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

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Ohhhhhh, makes sense now.