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Professional log: Dr. Vincent "IronBeer" Zokus
July 8, 2015 - Entry #21
Just..... holy ****. I'm still trying to get the MEC Bay back into a semblance of order after the attack. Fortunately everything truly critical still works, mainly the MEC cradles and computer systems, but the fighting in the area really tore the place up. Somehow, my workstation is still in operable condition, though the screen was destroyed by an errant plasma blast and I had to scavenge some replacement peripherals. My personal tablet is doing an admirable job as a backup screen, though I hope my requisition for replacement monitors goes through soon.

As for the attack itself.... I spent most of it holed up with MEC Project personnel and an assortment of rank-and-file scientists and technicians. We took cover in a less-used storage room with a couple of base security guys. They watched the jammed-open doorway, and us civies with sidearms backed them up. We got very lucky- even though we weren't far from the fierce fighting in Delta Section, not many aliens managed to infiltrate the storeroom or its vicinity. There were a few though: three curious Sectoids and a dumb Muton wandered by the door and got lit up. By some quirk of the hallway layout, we had a better firing line going out than they did coming in. The Sectoids never knew what hit them, but the Muton at least had enough time to "panic" a bit before going down. I am very glad the Commander forced any carrying civvies to undergo tactical combat drills- though we'd make rather miserable operatives, at least our aim and trigger discipline were good enough to prevent any friendly fire.

I'll go ahead and say I shot an alien for Deathfun, even if my memory of the attack itself is a fear- and adrenaline-soaked blur and I can't be certain of my hit(s). The bodies did carry thermal injuries in addition to ballistic trauma, though I can't necessarily claim those- Williams, Patel, and Domon had picked up some EXALT laspistols earlier as well.

Again, we got off lucky. A Chryssalid managed to infiltrate the base a bit deeper, and if one of our veteran agents hadn't happened by, we'd have been in a world of pain. Other alien commandos managed to off a few personnel in random places throughout the base, but of course that ****ing Chryssalid had the highest bodycount. Two base security guys, only shreds of kevlar and unidentifiable flesh were left. The aliens' genetic and cybernetic manipulations are hideous, but they have nothing on those goddamn Hell-spawned vermin.

In addition to Mike, Raymond, Ralwood, and a few others, I have been spitballing some plans for the post-Invasion world for a few weeks now. I've just now come up with something new to consider. When all this is over, when we somehow beat the aliens, we need to figure out how their FTL systems work and build some starships. Not because we have a universe to explore, but because we have a universe to bloody. When we finally get the ugly bastards off our necks, we're going to make them pay, starting with the Chryssalid homeworld. Hippies be damned, I can count AT LEAST that planet that needs to be bombed to a radioactive cinder. Mark my words- even after we thwart this invasion, the war is only just beginning.
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Ridiculous, the Director's Cut

Starlancer Head Animations - Converted


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Ladies and gentlemen...the Firestorm.

How long on the Firestorm deployments?

We have to do the augments for some pilots. Phantom can already interface, of course. Construction is going to take at least a couple of weeks for the first pair and worldwide coverage is probably going to take a couple of months.

And the Fusion Lances?

Ten of them ready for mounting as the Firestorms come off the production line. The psionics testing lab is up as well. You're sure you want Annette in the first batch?

It's that or Doctor Vahlen autopsies me, so yes.


Scramble Scotty, we've got an UFO in the air over South Africa.

Central, Scotty, light damage to the bird. Target was a large scout. It's down. Remaining on station.

Scramble the ready team.

Operation Enduring Serpent, interior of South Africa,
Deployed: Micheal "Gipsy D" Sanderson (MEC-3, mission commander), The "Psycho" E (assault), MP-Ryan "Spike" (assault), Droid803 "Scotch" (support), Gortef "Cargo"

"You sure about this E?"

"I can handle carrying a Scatter a little longer, until we build or capture some more plasmas."

"Okay then, move out."

"We got a Mechtoid and Sectoid!"

"Firing. He's still up."

"Christ! He missed me!"

"Dropping the target."

"Good shooting. Where's the damn Sectoid?"

"Don't see him, move in and find the sneaky little bastard." Actually, I think I forgot to screenshot its death.


"Sectoid Comman-son of a *****, he just hijacked my Paladin!"

"He what?"

"I've got no control, the little red bastard must have used his psionics somehow!"

TwentyPercentCooler fails his panic check in response. He also shot the Sectoid Commander, who he technically couldn't see. Oh well!

"Engaging Sectoid Commander. Hit and down."

"Rapid firing-Miss, hit! He's still up!"

"Got one trying to move around the side, firing! Damn, still up!"

"They're getting kind of mad!" Blood Call is an alien special ability; it works like Adrenaline Rush, and boosts accuracy and will briefly among Mutons near the one who pops it

Even failing his Panic check, TwentyPercentCooler is twenty percent too hardcore to mind control reliably.

"Ow! Son of a ***** shot me!"

"Firing-target hit!"

"Stunning target-target stunned! Plasma rifles for all!"

"Firing-damn, missed him!"


"I'm fine. Titan is holding."

"Droid, DUCK!"

"He missed me, I'm all right."

"Dammit, he's hiding behind the UFO's power core."

"...hey, these work on the guy holding them?"

"Some reason they shouldn't?"

"Killing target."

"Woah! Aren't you guys watching that flank or something!?"

"He's mad!"

"Stun-**** didn't work!"

"I got your back man, take it easy. Muton down."

"I was going to let you get stunned, but now you've annoyed me. Die."

"Central, Strike, we're done here."

Nice, easy mission for the most part. Little dicey at moments, but the Titans have taken a lot of the danger out of small UFO recoveries. We wanted to take a couple of the aliens alive, but sometimes they connive at their own destruction, or we just don't feel like taking hits to do it. It happens. We still need a Sectoid Commander, and any more plasma weapons we can get our hands on, so captures are always good.
"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

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So I'm "Cargo" now... I just hope I'm not useless cargo.
Habeeb it...


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So I'm "Cargo" now... I just hope I'm not useless cargo.

I've actually been meaning to change that. Should have done it at a particular point.
"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

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Calm down, make a proper report.

But, sir...the testing. A positive report.


Yes sir.

Good news, then. Tell Bradford to add her to the ready team.


Operation Bleeding Night, Western United States, 6:08am; September 2nd
Deployed: Micheal "Gipsy D" Sanderson (MEC-3, mission commander), MP-Ryan "Spike" (assault), Droid803 "Scotch" (support), Annette Durand (Sniper, Psy-Ops), Gortef "Cargo" (support), TwentyPercentCooler (sniper)

"Okay folks, you know what you're doing. Move in."



"Christ, Twenty!"

"My thoughts to your thoughts.  Merde, I need a better catchphrase."

"Catchphrase later, kill Chryssalids now! Target down!"

"Command center is clear."

"Good, then you can help me with these! Missed him!"

"Firing P-beam. Target terminated." Railing Kill!

"Rapid firing-no hits!"

"****! Armor held!"

"Die, you son of a *****."

"Heavy Floaters on the other side!"

"I winged one but I need some help here!"

"Mutons centerline. Coming."'

"Damn! Missed him!"

"Finite. One down."

"REALLY need help here!"


"****, armor breached!"

"Oh, this is gonna suck-"


"Did Annette..."

"Kill it with her brain? Yes."

"Oh **** you a-"


Strike, Central, Gortef's vitals are still registering.

"Copy. Droid, get your ass over here! Firing-no hit!"

"That's for everything, bastard."

"Paladin is operational. Returning fire-damn, missed."

"Target is still up, but injured. Droid, where are you?"


"Target is terminated."

"Good shooting, MP."

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Gortef."

"Next time, run faster guys."

"Agreed. Popping Mist. Don't get shot again man, you've used up your quota, understand?"

"Armor's still a wreck, hold still a moment. There."

"Found the Muton!"

"Oh ****-damn! Armor holding."

"Do you not learn? Suffer." That stasis tank outline is looking really phallic there...

"He's bleeding out of his...everything. What the hell do you do to them, Annette?"

"Never mind! Cloak noises!"

"Copy. Taking down the Muton."

"A pistol? A pistol! I am a Titan!"

"And he's also flanked and dead."

"Target terminated. Perhaps Trash was right; the pistol really is powerful enough for us, but not them."

"Something's down there. I hear movement. Popping a mine."

"Explosions. I heard a pair of secondaries...christ, listen to that..."

"Something heavy." IT'S SECTOPOD TIME!

"Mutons-red suits, heavy weapons!"

"Your nightmare, it is just beginning."

"Firing. One hit, one miss, he's still up."

"Oh christ. What the hell is that?!"



"I'm all right, no hit, but I need help here!"

"Damn, damn! I can't move up to support MP!"

"Copy. Engaging on flank. Miss. Hit-christ, it shrugged a P-Beam."

"Moving-holy ****, he can do all that and he still has backup weapon?"

"Firing-no hit."

"For Dimitri."

"Holy ****! Mike!"


"Damn, it just soaked a plasma burst like it was nothing."

"KSM activated...****, it's still functional!"

"It soaked a KSM?! No ****ing way."

"He's launching something-no hits. Oh shi-"


"Still operational, barely."

"Hostiles moving!"

"I'm going to literally rip you apart-oh goddammit!"

"I've got red lights across the board. Paladin is nonfunctional."

"Get your ass over here. There. Now stop getting shot, because you've also used up your quota."

"I get you. Popping Mist."

"Did you really need to kick the dead Sectopod?"

"No, but it made me feel better. Find that damn Muton in the red shirt."

"He's in the aft cargo bay. Dropping him."

"We kind of wanted that one alive, Annette."

"When you are charged by an alien, you may decide in what state you wish it."

"Sectoid commanders."

"Target down."

"Sectoid is firing-trying to suppress! Missed!"

"I'm all right."

"Suffer. Merde!"

"Got your back, Annette."

"When are you going to learn it doesn't work, jackass?"

"Activating stun. Target is sleeping."

"Nice work MP!"

"Central, Strike. We are finished here."

Strike, Central, confirm. Bring your people home. We have docs standing by for your wounded.

That was...kind of tense. IronBeer had some unkind things to say about the state of my Paladin and myself when I got back. In the condition I was in if somebody had thrown a rock at me really hard, the odds are fifty-fifty the Paladin would have keeled over and shut down, and the loss of the onboard life support assists would have killed me because I wasn't in very good shape either. The medics have me and Gortef both on bed rest.

Annette's been by, twice, apologizing profusely to Gortef and staring confusedly at my augments. Granted she's seen them before, but I guess when you're actually not wearing clothes it's different. Kinda makes a guy self-conscious. Irina and E have also both been by to threaten to kick my ass for trying to get killed.

Ironically, it seems Annette's rage issues are working for her. She says her basic psionic attack is just to bundle up all her feelings about the aliens from her captivity and throw them at a target. The autopsy team is having a field day cataloging the damage she does with that sort of thing.

I'm just hoping we don't run into any more Sectopods. They're way too hard to kill for us right now. They were just soaking even the P-beam fire. Maybe Plas DMR or Heavy Plas can do better, but I doubt it. And the next time someone tests a Titan to destruction, they need to make sure there's no one inside first.
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Sectopod's are the bane of my existence.

Also, how the hell did you engage one in melee?  I tried to see what happened once on a terror mission, and I was flat out unable to target it with the KSM.


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Re: HLPX-COM: Enemy Within (KSM Animations Edition)
Also, how the hell did you engage one in melee?  I tried to see what happened once on a terror mission, and I was flat out unable to target it with the KSM.

I clicked it. No really, it just worked, so I don't know what to tell you.

Sectopods are one of the three units that have unique KSM use animations if you kill them, and I was kind of disappointed I didn't get a closeup of this one.

For the record, the special KSM Sync Kills that I could find decent video of; there's also one for the Mechtoid but people insist on recording it badly. Anyone who knows of a good vid of it gets...something. (We'll have more infantry slots when Furies drops.)

"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

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Ahh... comfy sick bay beds. It's good that your medics are professionals.
Habeeb it...


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HLPX-COM: There is ALWAYS a Spoon(zer) Edition
I think I've made a destructive robot reference to almost everything. I actually ran out and ended up using the Daleks for one; if you can name them all, you're ten percent cooler.

We've very rarely deployed a team without MEC support before.

While true, we need to test the Goliaths at some point. Raymond already has an improved design based on the Firestorm drive system and that would also be a useful test.

With respect sir, do you really think the Goliath can substitute for a MEC?

No. But EXALT will be easier than the aliens if it's not.

Operation Silent Serpent, Cheylabinsk, Russia, 5:13 PM, September 4th
Deployed: MP-Ryan "Spike" (assault, mission commander), Droid803 "Scotch" (support), Enoich "Chops" (assault), Annette Durand (Sniper, Psy-Ops), CommanderDJ (assault), Goliath-1 (Spoonzer Heavy Infantry Vehicle Mark Two)

"Okay, who wants to partner with Artoo here?"

"I'll do it. I can run top cover for it with the Archangel suit."

"All right, let's go people!"

"Checking the roof."

"How's the Archangel handling?"

"The flight system is a little jerky, but it's intuitive enough."

"Well, hey guys. I saw your jump jets. Somebody get the Archangel working?"

"Uh, Star...where are you?"

"Acting like a chameleon. Blame the bio guys, they gave me this before I left. It's dead handy, honestly."


"Firing; still up."

"Damn, missed."

"Okay, let's see what the alloy cannon can do. Firing-kill."

"Damn, damn, damn! These bastards are just too human."

Cower in fear meatbag.

"Do everything myself, I see how it is. He's wounded but not down."

"Now he's done. Thanks for the cover Artoo."

I am your serv-ant.

"Cloaking up and moving again."

"Moving on target."

"More Exalt! Firing! Artoo!"

Human//animal bugthinkers. Hurt//Maim//Kill.

"Good work Artoo. Dropping the last one."

"That is one awfully dead Exalt Operative." Crit was Star, think the kill shot was MP-Ryan from the high damage number.

"Got another one. Alloy Cannon; firing a sabot."

"He's in the building! Merde, not enough! Artoo!"

By your command, Imperious Leader!

Awfully dead EXALT mark 2; Star with the Crit, killshot went to Enioch

"Firing on target."

"Where the hell did his torso go? This Alloy Cannon flechette load is scary ****."

"Going to the roof. Artoo, move down the alley."

"Moving along."

"Wish you'd stop fading out like that, man, it's creepy."

"Get used to it, I'm pretty sure in due course we'll all be doing it. Then we can make a much better Predator vs. Alien movie."

"More Exalt."

A p-p-pathetic creature of meat and bone.

"Damnation! Still doesn't work."

"Got your back, Anette." Railing Kill!

H-h-how can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?

"Moving up to cover."

Crush, kill, de-stroy.

"Got another on the roof. Dropping him."

"Star! Go for the Skyranger, go!"


"Pull back to the Skyranger folks, we're done here."

All right, give me your evaluation.

"It may lack the firepower of a MEC, but it shot well and it provided cover and covering fire MECs don't. Annette?"

"Merci. Artoo here was a good shadow and responded intelligently to commands. I would be happy to work with it again."
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"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

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The best thing about MECs, IMO, is that they are expendable - the monetary cost of losing one is far less then the cost of losiing one of your soldiers.

Also, sentinel makes it very good.


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The best thing about MECs, IMO, is that they are expendable - the monetary cost of losing one is far less then the cost of losiing one of your soldiers.

Also, sentinel makes it very good.
SHIVs you mean. MECs are pretty dang costly, being a soldier + lots of meld.

Yeah, I meant SHIVs, don't know how I got those two mixed up 0_o


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Re: HLPX-COM: Enemy Within (Furies)
Lay it out for me.

Annette has, or rather had, an ability to function as a Psionic booster. She made the attack on the base possible with it, but so far as we can tell, it burned her out as one. She very nearly died. However, via our raids on EXALT we have discovered the aliens have located other individuals with similar abilities and had EXALT...acquire them. There were at least three.

More than one. Great. Time to pump up security. Raymond, you said you were ready for production of plasma weapons? I want enough rifles for not just the deployment teams but base security. Anyone on staff who wants a plas pistol can have one if they're willing to do some range time with it weekly. What can we do proactively?

The handover will be made in Southern France. Relations between EXALT and the aliens have been quite strained, and an outbreak of violence or a betrayal would be almost expected.

Is that hint of deviousness I hear, Doctor Vahlen? I'm going to have to pay more attention to your budget. Bradford, I want the Firestorms to start buzzing around the area while the handover is going on, and a heavy team for the Skyranger to go in and recover the captives. Have them take Annette too; she might be able to help with this if they're ambulatory.

I'll set it up, sir.


"Welcome to the big leagues, Annette. Keep up."

"With a chance to kill more of the bastards? Try to stop me."

Operation Defiant Apollo, French Alps, 11:06, September 5th
Deployed: Admiral Ralwood (MEC-3, mission commander), Mongoose "Strobe" (heavy), StarSlayer "Tiradora" (sniper), MP-Ryan "Spike" (assault), Droid803 "Scotch" (support),  Annette Durand (sniper, psy-ops)

Strike, Sky, dropping the ramp. Go!

"I'm getting the feeling that the aliens decided to waste the Exalt guys the moment the Firestorms were spotted. This place is a mess."

"Thin Men. I think the Commander may have been a little paranoid about the need for the heavies."

"Target terminated."

"Do you hear that?"

"An alarm. ****. MOVE PEOPLE, WE'RE ON THE CLOCK!"

"Scratch one."

"Oh, come on. You guys should know better now."

"Both of you."

"More of 'em."

"Boo. Target dead."

"Crap! Armor holding."

"Oh ****! Berserker! He's still up!"

"You didn't need that crotch for anything, did you?"

"Annette...seriously. Even for these guys, there is a too far."


"Damn damn damn-"

"More Thin Men!"

"How about no."

"I haven't stunned anything important in a few days. Target sleeping."

"Woah! Incoming!"

"Surprise!" Jetboot Entry.

"Eyes on the objective! Killing the Thin Man!"

Gratuitous shot of Annette and her Archangel.

"They're like rats."

"Another Berserker! Damn, missed him!"

"Winged him."

"I should probably feel bad about this. Target down."

"He's heartless alien scum Mongoose, you get used to it."

"Switching to pistol-merde!"

"DAMN! Son of a ***** can swing! I've got a breach warning!"

"Sit down and shut up." Railing Kill!

"Nice work MP."

"I have the controls. Deactivating the alarms and security systems. Central, this is Strike. Mission accomplished. The captives are safe. Three, as predicted."

Remain on-site and provide security for the cleanup crew. And Strike: Well done.

We now have three more infantry slots open with a guaranteed psyker component. Incidentally, I can also confirm we have at least two more psykers among the regular roster; MP-Ryan and StarSlayer both tested positive for The Gift.
"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

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Tested positive as a psionic badass.  See fellas, I told you it wasn't just the nurses and luck getting me back from the dead - I can will myself to live through sheer force of brainpower.

These alien bastards got nothing on Homo sapiens ryan.

Yo, Annette... I was thinking... well, who am I kidding, I think you know what I thought you think and we both know what you thought and we both think we both know... am I right?

What, not even a smile?  Tough crowd.

I'll be in the canteen.  I'll order for any of you who care to join me - I already know what you'll have.
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Least the rest of you guys only had to hear it once, Annette and I actually had to experience that joke twice.  I must admit though practicing hand to hand with another psyker is a hoot.
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That's a helluva amount of Psykers you got there now


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Interfacing with the Firestorm. My compliments to Doctor Shen.

Bringing the Firestorm into the hanger...

Activating the main agrav unit.

I think we just evened the odds, Raymond.


Terror attack in Canada, sir.

You know the drill. Get Hobby and jr2 in the air. Scramble Strike.

Operation Shattered Hero, Ottawa, Canada, 4:17 AM, September 6th
Deployed: Micheal "Gipsy D" Sanderson (MEC-3, mission commander), StarSlayer "Tiradora" (sniper), Droid803 "Scotch" (support), Enioch "Chops" (assault), Annette Durand (sniper, psy-ops), Gortef "Cargo" (support).

"We're down, go! Go!"

"SECTOPOD! He was practically on top of us!"

"Oh Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. TAKE THE DRONES, I DON'T WANT THEM PATCHING THIS THING UP! Target hit!"

"Drone down!"

"God, why can't we have better cover? ****!"

"Suck it up, Droid!"

"Ow! Son of a ***** I'm not doing this again!"

"Firing! Damn, damn, still up."

"I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes."

"At least he missed you."

"Cyberdisc coming in from the other side!"

"Firing! Got a drone!"


"Firing! Cyberdisc hit!"

"Finishing the target."

"Nice shooting Gortef."

"Get to the ship, go! Both of you!"

"Scratch the other drone."

"Chryssalid! I hurt him, but he is still up!"

"More than one! Damn, no hit!"

"Go! Move, this place isn't safe! All of you!"

"Oh ****-wait! GOT HIM!"

"Got one. Enjoy the rush, folks." Combat Rush genemod; score a kill, everyone nearby procs a boost to aim, crit, and will.

"Checking the top of the building. Clear so far."

"Lemme patch some of that armor. Hold still, Mike."

"Found a Drone. Disposed of."

"Central, Strike Lead. We're clear here, provisionally. Evacing remaining civvies from the area."

Copy Strike.

So, another Sectopod. That whole life-flashing before your eyes...yeah. That's not fun. But this one went down easier, it was alone, and we had better positions, so we could concentrate fire on it better Star basically pistol'd the mission, as for some reason his plasrifle broke down just prior to deployment and he had to grab one of the old DMRs. It was still pretty effective to have somebody picking off the little stuff for us when the little stuff repairs others.

I'm not sure Enioch got the chance to fire, but he was in there running to the sound of screams getting civilians out, so it's not like he was just relaxing. Commander says that everybody lived in the area we went into. Alien terror attack. Everybody lived.

Damn that feels good.
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Alien terror attack. Everybody lived.

Damn that feels good.
I wasn't even sure that was possible until now.
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<MageKing17> "There's probably a reason the code is the way it is" is a very dangerous line of thought. :P
<MageKing17> Because the "reason" often turns out to be "nobody noticed it was wrong".
(the very next day)
<MageKing17> this ****ing code did it to me again
<MageKing17> "That doesn't really make sense to me, but I'll assume it was being done for a reason."
<MageKing17> **** ME

<MageKing17> God damn, I do not understand how this is breaking.
<MageKing17> Everything points to "this should work fine", and yet it's clearly not working.
<MjnMixael> 2 hours later... "God damn, how did this ever work at all?!"
<MageKing17> so
<MageKing17> more than two hours
<MageKing17> but once again we have reached the inevitable conclusion
<MageKing17> How did this code ever work in the first place!?

<@The_E> Welcome to OpenGL, where standards compliance is optional, and error reporting inconsistent

<MageKing17> It was all working perfectly until I actually tried it on an actual mission.

<IronWorks> I am useful for FSO stuff again. This is a red-letter day!
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<MageKing17> TIL the entire homing code is held up by shoestrings and duct tape, basically.


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I wasn't even sure that was possible until now.

It's exceptionally rare and usually has to do more with enemy placement and low number than anything you can do, but yes, it's quite possible.
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I think the highway map is probably one of the easier ones to do this, it's relatively small, has wide fields of fire and an advantageous starting position. 
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