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I have been thinking of ways to add more depth to the game and thought of this: How about RPG elements?

You'd have:

Armor (Damage Reduction) - Armor Piercing (Bypass)

Shields (Damage Nullifying) - Shield Piercing (Bypass)

ECM (Prevents Lock-On/Increases Lock-On time [Also prevents reading of stats {Energy dist., Hp, etc}]) - ECCM (Counters ECM; surpassing it decreases lock-on time)

Evasion (Whether or not Cannons/Dumbfire Missiles Hit) And Accuracy (Counter; Topping Evasion gives +Dmg)

Something like "Feats" Ex: Veteran: + 2 to Acc. & Shld. Pierce.

And even Traits: Pacifist: - 4 Dmg. & Acc. + 8 Def. & Shld. ; Magnificent Bastard: I am become Steele +6 ECCM +2 Dmg -8 Shld.


What do you guys think? Is this something worth pursuing? And could the engine handle it?


Ideas regarding equipment tomorrow. (Basically stuff like RoF, Dmg, Shield Piercing, Armor Piercing)

You know, if someone would add much RPG stuff to some projects in FS, we would get... THAT: :P

I mean, Freespace isn't an RPG and propably won't be. From the beginning the game was set to test player's skill, agility and quick thinkig, tactics (the last is full of BP :P). The multi RPG's (^) of present test patience, and victory in them is oftenly brought only thanks to item levels. Or numerous  advantage. Items & levels aren't bad, really, but the decisive factor should be skill.

However, i wondered what would happen if we take some space-sim RPG's and combine them with Freespace. (^) These games really aren't bad but when a fighter is flying like a cruiser, there is certainly something wrong :P. The only stuff they need is Freespace-ish ship behaviour.
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Its certainly (kinda) possible within a campaign, thanks to persistent variables.
I'm guessing this would also stand for co-ops?



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You know, if someone would add much RPG stuff to some projects in FS, we would get... THAT: :P
Ah yes, the best game since sliced bread! :P

My whole point here is to make a system to make online play (above all) interesting. So many Sims just stay with the classic system and don't do anything but add bloated weapon armories...

Part of what I want to accomplish is avoiding the "Laser I, Laser II, Laser X, revenge of the laser" system. But rather make each weapon, armor & shield have its own effect.

(EMP, kills shields for a few secs; Cluster missile, AoE; Pyrorocket, DoT; etc.)
[Shld. A absorbs tons of damage but is active and lasts 8 Secs; Shld. B is passive, but low absorption and low power consumption; Shld. C is a good passive but sucks in a lot of power when triggered; etc.)


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Already working on something similar to this for my own campaign :)