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I came across the media coverage on a game with an very interesting concept this week and I thought I better spread the word.

The game is called "This War of Mine" and it is supposed to be a survival game where the player takes control of a civilian (or a group of them, not clear to me from the press release) caught in a war zone.

Little is yet known about the gameplay but the premise alone is IMO strong enough to make it worthy of being watched.

I also dont have any knowledge of trackrecord of the devs. To me they are an unknown quanity.

As we all know execution is the key to making a game shine but just the tought of some one makeing a game with this premise, as said before, noteworthy.

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Like you said, everything here is pretty much unknown, but it's about damn time that someone made this sort of war game instead of the endless military masturbation out there.


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The premisse is fantastic, I hope they really put it to good execution!


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What I am weary of is what the portrayal of soldiers, mercenaries, etc. will be. It sounds like an interesting premise though.


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The premisse is fantastic, I hope they really put it to good execution!

That's... an interesting way of putting it in this context... :nervous:


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i hope there will be lots of great executions!