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Re: Western vs Eastern Mech designs
And I'm quite fond of some of the Unseen.  Warhammer and Rifleman, for instance.
Macross has pretty cool designs.  :nod:

Guys? If you want to have this argument, can you please take care not to escalate it any further?
I won't. Since it seem Aesaar is making broad sweeping generalizations about how horrible 'typical anime fans' are and accusing me of all sorts of things, so thats already a big red sign to just leave him to his devices and not to bother with him in the future on anything related to this subject. I try to steer away from darthwangs and haters you see.

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Re: Western vs Eastern Mech designs
'i don't want to escalate this'

compares aesaar to a banned troll
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Re: Western vs Eastern Mech designs
Do you guys not know what "do not escalate this" means?

Just for the record, I have reported this thread for further discussion. Spoon, if you get told to not escalate a topic, it definitely includes not making cheap shots in your ackknowledgment of said non-escalation.
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