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Multiplayer Campaign Persistent Variables
You are playing or creating a multiplayer campaign and usually you break out the consistent mission around 2 or 3 mission arcs. Campaign persistent variables work within those three missions. I was curious if anybody knows a workaround to have persistent variables save on a multiplayer campaign similar to what happens in single player campiagn. Say I have a 30 mission campaign for multiplayer. No one is going to want to sit through 30 missions on one go. We play 3 missions and are done but rather than just breaking out the mission arc, the status of the campaign saves at a later date. This maybe a long shot, but the only reason I play freespace is for coop or multiplayer. Is there any workaround to save campaign persistent variables? Thanks guys.


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Re: Multiplayer Campaign Persistent Variables
One option might be to use scripting to grab variable states from the mission and store them in a file - said script can then check if this file exists in a later playthrough, and if so, inject the variables into your gamestate. I'm pretty new to scripting so I'm not sure if I could give any specific examples, but I'm pretty sure all the basic scripting functions needed to do this exist.

Edit: Karajorma was looking at a more seamless solution a good year or so back:

Having multiplayer pop up a message box saying "You have played this campaign as far as Mission X, would you like to continue or restart the campaign Yes/No" has been something I've been meaning to add for a long time. Now that Taylor's new pilot code is finally in trunk, I might take a stab at it one day but it's a lower priority fix than the other stuff I'm doing with multi for the moment.

I don't think he's gotten around to doing this yet though.

Re: Multiplayer Campaign Persistent Variables
Thanks for the quick reply Parias. I will look into the scripting option.