Author Topic: Hey guys, I heard about this game  (Read 1126 times)

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Hey guys, I heard about this game
It's called Freespace 2. Does anyone know if it's any good?
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Re: Hey guys, I heard about this game
What is the point of this thread?

Re: Hey guys, I heard about this game
What's it about? Squatting?


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Re: Hey guys, I heard about this game
It has beams so, 's all good.


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Re: Hey guys, I heard about this game
fs1 > fs2
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Re: Hey guys, I heard about this game
You're biased, Hades. The Collie has more DPS than you, admit it.


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Re: Hey guys, I heard about this game
Did a bit of digging on the website. Found this:

From the creators of Descent: Elevator's Reckoning and Saints Row: Argument Of The Heavens comes the next iteration of the gut-bustingly popular Closet Arrangment Simulator, Free Space 2: The Closet Conspiracy.

Streamlining closet organization has never been so fun! Sort your way through four hundred new wardrobes as you endlessly critique the owners regarding their poor sense of space! Implement new space saving solutions, such as drawers and slim-line coathangers!

The newest feature in this game is BEAMS! That's right, interior designers! With our patented BEAM technology, you can erect beams in your closets to hang clothes! No longer will you be forced to fold shirts and jackets! Fancy a classy red highlight? Get creative with the S-Red model! Too small? We have a BF-Red that can handle anything thrown at it! With revolutionary BEAM technology, you can bring your wardrobe into the 21st Century!

The all new scoring system uploads the total amount of space you make in each closet to our patented Nebula Cloud Storage, where you can compete against your friends! See who can free up the most space in the most cluttered of closets!

If you spend an extra $4.99 and pre-order now, you get the Vacuum Bag DLC, absolutely free!

"The amount of space I've created is big. Really big." - Douglas Adams

"I learned a lot of life lessons from this game! I mean, my living situation is much more tolerable now!" - Potter, Harry James (age 9)

"Space. Space. Gotta make some space. Can't wait!" - Anonymous Reviewer

"10/10 it's alright!" - IGN

Free Space 2: The Closet Conspiracy. In stores September.

You know what, I'm gonna buy it. Free Space was a pretty good closet sim and I don't mind grabbing the new one.
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Re: Hey guys, I heard about this game
but does it blend?