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Is it just my internet connection being stupid or some of the drawings here (especially the early ones) are no longer accessible?
Some of those early drawings are starting to show their age but for posterity I rehosted them. Most of them.

More not-Freespace.


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Awesome, I love this type of sci-fi look you used there! :)

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Now comes blanketed in ERA. Also this ship may appear as a model at some point.

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:yes: :yes: :yes:

Would be nice to see how it looks in 3D. :nod:

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The early shots may be showing some age, but that doesn't matter. One, they're brilliant either way. Two, they are a part of the representation of your drawing skills and your journey as an artist throughout the years. Believe me, it's very interesting to see this. And three, each one of these drawings is a different original idea, and it's really sad to see these disappear.

Besides, that latest one is also a great design!
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