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Samuel......Samuel.... [Spoiler, maybe?]
So, I've been playing the initial Blue Planet Campaign (Age of Aquarius, I think?).  I haven't completed the entire campaign yet, but I wanted to make an account to come on here so I can say one thing.  You guys are messing with my head.  Now the overall storyline of flying through subspace into an alternate reality is perfectly on-par for science fiction (and can even lead to some interesting parallel timelines, such as the Derelict mod storyline I recently finished could be occurring at the same time as this one).  But last night, I noticed one little thing.  One tiny little detail that has been bothering me through all of the missions.  In the "mission" where you escort the admiral's shuttle from the Sanctuary to your fleet, I realized it was time for some exposition.  So I happily flew along, listening to various people chat.  When, for some reason, I decided to look at the target readout for the admiral's shuttle.  And to my surprise, the cargo was reported as "Samuel....Samuel....".

That's when I started to question so much.

Hearing voices of your dead family, seeing random ghost fighters in the nebula (that you later realize are those fighters from the new race), can be written off as either stress from the situation impacting you (as the player character), or the weird psychic abilities of the aforementioned new race.  But this.  This is the targeting computer of your spaceship calling out to you.  How is that possible?

Is it some kind of psychic extension altering the capabilities of your ship?

Are you (as the character) losing your ability to function rationally?

Are you just hallucinating the entire storyline, lost in the infinite subspace during that very first jump to Sol?

I suppose I'll have to find out as I complete the campaign, but I don't know what to take at face value anymore.

Good job!

(Side question, are there more of these little Easter-egg type things to find throughout the game?)


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Re: Samuel......Samuel.... [Spoiler, maybe?]
All I will say is that you should definitely keep playing.
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Re: Samuel......Samuel.... [Spoiler, maybe?]
Welcome to the BP universe.  Your post just put a huge smile on my face.  Keep playing.


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Re: Samuel......Samuel.... [Spoiler, maybe?]
It makes me wanting meme this :P

Keep playing, dude! There are a lot of cool and crazy stuff ahead.
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Re: Samuel......Samuel.... [Spoiler, maybe?]
Did you consider the possibility of just hallucinating that single element of the HUD...? :P
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Re: Samuel......Samuel.... [Spoiler, maybe?]

That's when I started to question so much.

Are you (as the character) losing your ability to function rationally?

Are you just hallucinating the entire storyline, lost in the infinite subspace during that very first jump to Sol?

(...) I don't know what to take at face value anymore.

Better get used to this.  You're just getting started.  Enjoy the game!