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Beta Test: Between the Ashes
I'm looking for a couple testers to work on the campaign for a few weeks. I need people who can get to it now, be diligent/committed, and write thorough notes on

- the difficulty of the missions
- mission bugs and/or never ending mission loops
- mission balance

I'd like people who play on a couple different difficulties as well. I'll get you setup with the SVN and you will need to play all the way through the campaign, start to finish.. probably a couple times to ensure various bugs have been fixed.
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Between the Ashes is looking for committed testers, PM me for details.
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Re: Beta Test: Between the Ashes
Hmmm iv always wanted to be a bit more involved with everything here. Really appreciate all the work that is done for this game. I've never tested a campaign before and haven't played freespace in awile.
I have played with FRED a little but not much. Slow computer as well. I can play on easy all the way to hard depending on how often I play. (Mouse and key Bord, still haven't picked up a decent joystick)  I'd be glade to help out and do some testing and wright as detailed as I can be findings on any bugs or mission inconsistencies. I can run through the campaign multiple times in a few weeks. Starting on medium as a base for difficulty and looking for increasing and/or decreasing based off level of difficulty.    :)
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Re: Beta Test: Between the Ashes
I got some time to do testing for ya.
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Re: Beta Test: Between the Ashes
I'm at your service. I'm highly anticipating BtA since the demo release so replaying the whole campaign 2-3 times would be a pleasure :P.
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