Author Topic: Own "Mod" start with SSE2 fine, but debug brings report  (Read 561 times)

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Own "Mod" start with SSE2 fine, but debug brings report
Hello. I'm working on my own campaign, started making missions and also started including ship models from I tried some models and deleted them after I found out I didn't need them. When I start my "mod" everything seems fine, no message that ship models are missing or so...

But when I start the debug I get this and have no idea how to fix it. I don't know if this might become a problem for other users if they would like to try my campaign later, so that's why I'm asking :)

Type of weapon RepairBeam entry does not agree with original entry type.
KERNELBASE.dll! WaitForSingleObjectEx + 182 bytes
KERNELBASE.dll! WaitForSingleObject + 18 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! SCP_DumpStack + 354 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! Warning + 491 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! parse_weapon + 918 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! parse_weaponstbl + 410 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! parse_modular_table + 331 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! weapon_init + 101 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! game_init + 1791 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! game_main + 524 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! WinMain + 328 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! invoke_main + 30 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! __scrt_common_main_seh + 346 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! __scrt_common_main + 13 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2-DEBUG.exe! WinMainCRTStartup + 8 bytes
KERNEL32.DLL! BaseThreadInitThunk + 36 bytes
ntdll.dll! RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification + 1081 bytes
ntdll.dll! RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification + 1028 bytes

I tried the GTDr Phidias and the GTDr 3301 models and I remember one of them had a "repairbeam". But I deleted them and now I'm curious why this still appears... Any Ideas what's happening here? Or can I maybe just ignore it?



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Re: Own "Mod" start with SSE2 fine, but debug brings report
I suspect that you haven't deleted everything that has the repairbeam defined. I guess you just need to check all the table files in your mod, and it's parents (does Windows have a grep equivalent?)
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Re: Own "Mod" start with SSE2 fine, but debug brings report
Well though I thought I deleted everything... I obviously didn't... I have put everything together in the correct folders by hand, again, and now everything's alright. No error message at the beginning  :)