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Hammer of Light paint jobs?
I was going through some of OneTrueRenairen's LPs, and I noticed that in FS1, his Hammer of Light capital ships had unique textures -- red highlights, as well as HoL runes on the hull. These are not present in my copy of FSPort -- neither in the 2014 vps nor 3612. Does anybody know more about these, and where I can find them? I'd very much like to use them in my campaign.


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Re: Hammer of Light paint jobs?
You may find HoL reskins in recent FSPort MediaVPs. GalEmp made three of them - for Aten, Karnak and Typhon.
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Re: Hammer of Light paint jobs?
Huh. Well, I checked with a VP viewer, and it turned out I did have the files. I was able to get them working in FRED with texture replacement. I wonder why they don't show up on Hammer ships in the FS1 campaign...

Re: Hammer of Light paint jobs?
I don't know how exactly did they do the alternate textures (Typhon#HoL or just texture replacement), but for any of it to work you need to manually edit the mission in which you want to see the alternate textures.

They aren't there by default in the FS1 campaign because the campaign is made to be as much identical to the original FS1 as possible.
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