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Gun Batteries/Grouped targetting
Out of curiosity, is there any way to link the targetting of two 2-piece turrets so they engage the same targets?

I have a dozen turrets that would be overpowered and look weird if fired alone, and would look out of canon if kept static. I would like to seperate the firepower into 3 batteries of 4 turrets to keep asthetics clean and canonical, and allow for turret animation and balancing.

Imagine if you will the BS Sobeks ciws, but with animated turrets.
I'm not overly fussed if it were not possible. Could be an idea for a new subsystem entry for modular tables.
eg. $Turret Group: 01
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Re: Gun Batteries/Grouped targetting
If I remember correctly, linked firing was implemented by DahBlount some time ago and there is turret flag for it. I tried to use this, but ended with both turrets not firing at all, for unknown reason. It doesn't matter if your turrets are multipart, or they are made from single model.
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