Which would make FS more fun?

Better physics.
1 (6.3%)
More maneuverability, and more action.
1 (6.3%)
Better differences between ships.
3 (18.8%)
Options 2 and 3.
11 (68.8%)

Total Members Voted: 16

Voting closed: August 14, 2002, 02:10:47 pm

Author Topic: Which do you want more?  (Read 2432 times)

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Improved fighter AI would definitely be my first choice, followed by a realistic physics system.


Offline Blue Lion

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I would prefer, though no on would probably agree, larger battle areas and more ships. I know everyone yells "Battle of Endor!" but it's still something I'd like to see. Battles where you can't control 90% of the action, things are happening all around you. Multiplayer does that a bit, where it's impossible to do everything and you have to rely on wingman. Just me though.


Offline RandomTiger

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More ships, more ships, more ships!


Offline Unknown Target

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Unfortunately, you'd have to ask the guy's in the Source code forum to do that. I could do some basic things in the tables, by lowering the detail at a distance, but not much more :(