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One of the best joystick utilities written. Use it to combine controllers, create joystick curves, map buttons to keyboard, and record macros. Swiss Army knife for sure.


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Confused about why you are linking to there rather than the project website:

But yes, I use this for better response curves for my cheap thrustmaster and to split the extra axis on the throttle into two buttons for use in Freespace..

Because there is a lot of useful information in that thread and he tends to support it through that thread as well.


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Could I use this to remap one joystick button as a "shift" button, to double up the functions on the remaining buttons?  For example, Button 2 is Fire Secondary, but program the stick Button 8 to "Shift", then map 8 + 2 to Cycle Secondary?
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Not sure. You could ask the developer. He is pretty supportive if he is not too busy in RL.  One problem I have noticed with Freespace 2 is that it doesn't handle simultaneously pressed buttons.  I ran into some issues and switched over to binding the Vjoy buttons as a secondary bind in Freespace 2. It did handle joystick buttons fine.