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Re: BETA RELEASE: Wing Commander Saga for FSO
It looks at how many mines you have expended, not how many are in the mission.  Here is a small video, you see it at the end.  Just select a porcupine bank and press launch 4 times. Not sure why the sound is screwy.
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Re: BETA RELEASE: Wing Commander Saga for FSO
Thank you guys but nope, just tried another 2 times but still not working.


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Re: BETA RELEASE: Wing Commander Saga for FSO
This is a minor thing, but is there a way to make the target monitor the same color as the rest of my HUD? The ingame settings don't work. It just stays green.

Edit: Never mind, figured it out myself. Just had to go into hud_gauges.tbl and remove the Color section from the Target Monitor gauges. I actually had the same problem when I first installed the lead sight mod for FS2 - it was stuck on green and wouldn't change. The fix was the same as it was here, remove the Color section. One thing I'm not sure how to fix, though: The target monitor zooms in a bit too close when targeting a fighter, so the whole model doesn't fit inside the square. A minor annoyance at most, but it would still be nice to fix it.

I also figured out how to re-enable the blue flash for shield damage. Simple edit of the game_settings.tbl for $Generic Pain Flash Factor and $Shield Pain Flash Factor. In fact, once I figured it out, I went and added it to regular FS2 as well. If nothing else, at least I'm learning some stuff about modding Freespace.

How hard would it be to make some other Saga mods work with Saga for FSO? These two would be great for making something from the WC1 or WC2 era:
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