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I just recently purchases a Sidewinder 2 with Force Feedback. Sometimes on 3.8, the game will run with decent feedback but a pretty weak centering force. How can I increase the centering force and overall force effects? Also, randomly some effects like explosions or the afterburner effect will not play


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Have you tried a recent nightly build? I think there were some fixes in the force feedback code which was a bit broken in 3.8.


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I downloaded a nightly and extracted the files into my FSO directory. When I try to select it I get an application crash error and something to the effect of 0xc0000007b. Any idea?


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Which FSO version did you have before? Was it a 32 or 64bit build? If you have a 32bit and a 64bit nightly (or the other way around), try downloading a nightly that matches your existing FSO build.


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I was using an x64 build and tried the x64 nightlies which seems to work for one missions before losing the centering force.


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This thread fixed it for me:
That PR was merged, so that code should already be present in recent nightly builds. So unless zloaf downloaded a really old nightly for some reason...
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