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So, yes I checked other campaigns and my joystick still works fine for those, it does seem to be isolated to Inferno.  Just figured I'd mention this since I have the most generic Logitech joystick ever (extreme 3d pro) so it might be effecting more people than just me.

I think I had this problem with exile before in knossos...go into "details" then "FSO settings" in options and select said build. That should solve things...make sure you save the changes too


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Its got the latest nightly selected in there like the release post asked for, if thats what you mean.


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This is a known bug and I'm working on a fix. The problem is that recent FSO nightlies use a newer version of SDL which generates different GUIDs for the same device. You can workaround this bug either by editing the fs2_open.ini manually (the correct GUID is logged in fs2_open.log) or replacing Knossos' SDL2.dll with the one found in the nightlies.