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An INFA Knossos Issue...
So I'm at Battle For Mars Part 1. The great clash between the Panopea and her cruiser group and the Adrasteia. Except the mission never finishes.

What I have done:

Sit back and let the mission autocomplete itself
tried to jump out(can't in this mission)
waited over an hour of in-game time
attempted to head into the Adrasteia's fighterbay post mission
destroyed the Adrasteia using cheats

None of these outcomes have resulted in me being able to move on to the next mission. Is there something I'm not doing right? Been a few years since I played INFA, so not sure if I've missed something.


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Re: An INFA Knossos Issue...
This seems to happen if you destroy the Panopea before killing all the waves of the fighter wings it spawns.  Apparently, this doesn't trigger the is-destroyed-delay SEXP that's necessary to end the mission.  I'm not entirely sure how to fix it right now but I'll look when I have time.
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Re: An INFA Knossos Issue...
Therein lies the issue. The Panopea is essentially guaranteed to lose in the confrontation with the Adrasteia - in every case of me letting the mission run by itself, the Panopea was destroyed before launching fighters.