Author Topic: How to use FRED with Knossos?  (Read 642 times)

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How to use FRED with Knossos?
Hay guys

So I'm getting a new computer soon and I'm finally making the jump to using Knossos for most stuff, including my personal mini mod project that I've been working on for over a year. I need to know how to get my current work ported into Knossos and how to continue using FRED as normal. Obviously I don't want to lose any progress. I also need to know how to actually link my old installation of Freespace 2 with Knossos, as the Freespace 2 core files (I think) are buried in the Freespace 2 folder and I don't actually know which ones they are anymore.

Can someone help me with this?


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Re: How to use FRED with Knossos?
The first time you launch Knossos, it will first ask you to select a directory where it can save stuff (like installed mods). You should use an empty folder for this. Then it asks you to select an existing FS2 installation, you can select your FSO folder (where the fs2_open...exe files are) and Knossos will copy all retail files from there into the folder you selected before. After that, it'll never use your FS2 folder again so you can move or delete it if you want to. If you move or rename your first folder, you'll have to go to Knossos' settings and correct the data path there.

Now you should be able to install and play existing mods. Make sure this works. If it doesn't, make a new thread or post in the Knossos thread (or go to Discord) and we'll help. Once you've got that working, you're ready to add your mod to Knossos. Go to the development tab and press the "Create Mod" button. We also have a guide which explains this process in more detail. It should be fairly complete but let us know if there's anything missing or incorrect.

Once you have your mod in Knossos, you can use the FRED button on the dev tab (or in the dropdown menu on the home tab) to launch FRED.


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Re: How to use FRED with Knossos?
Cool to hear you are making the switch! There is actually a nice guide that tells you all of that with screenshots!

When you install Knossos it will try and find the FS2 folder and copy over any files it needs. It will also let you run FRED very easily. Making a mod and not loosing progress is also quite easy, just create a new mod in the Dev tab, make a package and drop your current mod files in that folder. Then you can run your mod and FRED from the main page on Knossos. Details are again on the guide doc:

Nm ngld beat me to it with a better explanation.  :lol: