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Can anybody recommend me a destroyer?
I've been building a fleet for a well-equipped civilian faction, mostly out of ships from Nukemod. (Side note: Nukemod contains loads of really interesting ships of fairly high quality, and yet I've basically never seen them used anywhere, with the notable exception of the Dante.)

I'm using the Rumrunner, Valhalla, and Ragnarok for cruisers and corvettes. I'm also going to use the Anchorage as their flagship (they're very well-equipped.) What I haven't been able to find is a good mid-size destroyer to fit into their fleet.

I was thinking of using the GTD Henderson, but I think it would just be too much of a hassle to get into usable condition. It's so small that I'd have to scale it up (and figure out how to fix the weird things that happen when you scale up a model), it doesn't really have enough turrets, and it's a somewhat low-quality model anyway. I was also considering the CCV Kiev, as it fits the bill pretty well aesthetically, but again I'm not sure what would be required to get it working, and it's quite outdated visually.

So I figured I'd ask, just in case anybody knew of a good candidate that wasn't listed in User-Made Ships.


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Re: Can anybody recommend me a destroyer?
Treat this board as an archive or library of released materials. A point where we congregate everything we've done into one place so someone can easily find content. Keep this in mind when posting here.

What's okay:
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What's not okay:
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As for recommendation itself, go for GTD Damocles.

Edit: NVM, someone moved the thread.
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Re: Can anybody recommend me a destroyer?
Tanen carrier reskin with a different load out was quite nice.  Or that red one from the anarchist mod.
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Re: Can anybody recommend me a destroyer?
Ah, my apologies. Should have checked the guidelines.