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I'd heavily guess that they're from JAD.

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Those Maras - do they have the glowmaps disabled or are they a different ship? They look pretty neat actually.

Also congrats Orph3u5!  :yes:
I rotated the color on the glowmap actually. They don't pop out much since the scene is rather strongly lit (1 sun above + default ambient lighting). Also, technically speaking it is a different ship - I used a POF pointing to custom textures I had lying around.
The beams on the Moloch are upsized MediaVPs SReds.
I did rip out the heart cannons from JAD 2.21, shrunk the projectiles and had a pair of off-screen Belials equipped with those fire at an invisible Nephthys just below the Maras (you can the the impact flames actually.)

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Wow, that's quite some work for 1 pic.


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Re: Screencap Contest June 2019
I won? - Cool.  :D

I really would not have minded to loose to the runners-up, esspecially the Nemesis-one (very good composition). Really good competion this month  :yes:

The winner for the month of June is Orph3u5 with the SD Lucifer-senpai.

It's Lucifer-sama for the likes of you :P
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Quote from: 0rph3u5 link=topic=95726.msg1885338#msg1885338
esspecially the Nemesis-one (very good composition).

Those receive some background maintenance right now ftw