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[RELEASE] Inferno-ised Hygeia


Inferno Team is pleased to present you our rebuild of one of the most forgotten canon design - GTS Hygeia. We put a lot of work in it to refresh the design and bring you stuff of the best possible quality... Blah, blah, blah, you know the drill, Inferno love ya :].

I won't lie if I tell you that she has been through typical development hell, like [for example] GTSC Schrodinger. Rampage made her some time ago to recreate RagingLoli's awesome rework we never managed to acquire. Later she suffered from buggy .dae converter of old Blender that messed lots of things, and we lost source file. Finally me and Rampage put hard efforts into her to help her recover from inevitable "perdita" state... And I hope we succeed :D. A second attempt at HTL Hygeia by certain somebody exist in eternal WiP stage... But let's skip it and honour it with minute of silence.

She comes in two variants - drag'n'drop replacement for vanilla Hygeia and Inferno variant with pair of turrets. Just add "weapons" subsystem and "turret01" and "turret02" and enjoy armed supportship if you think your mod needs more dakka. Like every PBR asset I make, I provide hi-res maps and support for heightmapping of possible, future builds of FSO.

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Re: [RELEASE] Inferno-ised Hygeia
Such a pleasant view to fall asleep over~


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Re: [RELEASE] Inferno-ised Hygeia
Great job. And in-engine the texture seems to look much less eye-straining.  :yes:

Personally, not a fan of the turret placement and number. I'd preferred it be mounted with a single turret on a seperate weapons pod (similar to the optional weapon modules on some Star Trek vessels, 1 2)
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Re: [RELEASE] Inferno-ised Hygeia
The addition of the turrets might make it a nice assault shuttle for boarders.
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