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Subspace theories/explanations?
So, the wiki has a page where several fan theories on Shivan and their mystery are listed. Are there any such pages on either wiki or here on the forum? I am especially interested in fan theory on why shield doesn't work in subspace, and why subspace looks swirly.


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Re: Subspace theories/explanations?
I am especially interested in fan theory on why shield doesn't work in subspace, and why subspace looks swirly.

In-universe head-canon:

1) Subspace contains an energy field that creates a destructive interference with the Shield.

2) Because its not the ships that are moving but the transit corridor.


1) Because the Lucifer needed to be destroyed somehow and they were not going to go down the "oh, it just takes lots of bombs"-route because that would not be approriate to the theme of "destruction of the old bringing forth a better new". If it were just a question of firepower the entire inclusion of the Ancients in the plot of FS1 would have been redundant.

2) Because it looks unfamiliar and is disorienting; yet also its motion translates to the idea that the Lucifer is moving when it cannot for gameplay reasons (otherwise the Ursas would take forever to catch up).
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Re: Subspace theories/explanations?
Maybe it requires energy not only to get into subspace but to stay there, so no shields (most energy intensive) in the mean time?


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Re: Subspace theories/explanations?
...and why subspace looks swirly.
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Re: Subspace theories/explanations?
You should check out subspace in VR...
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Re: Subspace theories/explanations?
Clearly space wizards.

Re: Subspace theories/explanations?
I always enhance subspace ambient with 2 vortexes at the end of the tunnesl.


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Re: Subspace theories/explanations?
My headcanon is that shields absorb energy and dump it into subspace.  I thought this was actual canon until I look it up.
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