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I actually played the game back when it released and it was always my favorite space game (those big battles!), then played it again maybe ten years later with FSO I think it was called.

Recently got it for free on GOG and picked up a Thrustmaster Hotas X since I didn't have to pay for the game.

My first question was what buttons I need to map (I think I have 10) - by default it maps 8 of them, so it looks like there are two extra.
I mapped those to "Match Speed" and "Attack my Target"
Are the default mappings the way to go?

Second question was I was watching a video to remember how to play:

I noticed a couple things:
First, the video has icons on his radar rather than blips.  I searched the mods listed on Knossos and didn't see any HUD mods. 
Is this an option/mod?
Second, they kept calling for other ships to attack his target, but I never saw the Comms menu come up.  Is there some way to do this with one button?
When I hit "Attack my Target" it brings up a list for me to pick Wings/All Fighters, etc.  So I'm wondering if there is a quick way to just tell everybody (and does that even make sense?)

Thanks for any help!


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Welcome back!

The default mappings generally work very well for the majority of people, though of course it depends on individual preference.  I could suggest mappings for the last two buttons, but I would need to know what the first eight are.

The radar icon HUD mod is included with the MediaVPs, which is a mod on Knossos that essentially enhances the graphics of the retail game.  Install the MediaVPs mod and you'll see an option for MV_RadarIcons.

You can press Shift-A to issue an Attack My Target order, or you can press C to bring up Communications.  In both cases you'll need to select an option from the menu.  It's possible the YouTuber pressed the buttons so fast that the menu disappeared very quickly.